Blue Black Hair Color

Blue Black hair color provides shades that make a contrast with your face. It helps to pop out your pretty face features and light eye color. Women that have cool and neutral skin tones can easily experiment with blue black hair color taking examples from many celebs like Salma Hayek, Kristen Kreuk and Mena black ombreSince dark blue and black colors bring a contrast with fair skin tones your hair color looks more eye-catching highlighting the beauty of your skin. Of course blue eyed women have more chances to look fantastic with blue black hair color since black also goes with blue eyes. This heavenly eye color will grab more attention due to the balanced combination of dark blue hair color. But if you have warmer eye coloring like hazel, golden brown, green and turquoise you may experiment with blue black hair color too.

Though this hair color is fresh and healthy looking by itself a good idea is to go for a fashionable haircut just before dyeing your hair. It suits with short haircuts like lob, bob and pixie. But if you don’t want to cut off your long hair you may love the idea of wearing blue black ombre. Having your roots black and ends blue will make a pretty and awesome look. Another alternative is to go for blue highlights on black hair. You can add some thin blue highlights and the flashy appearance is provided. Highlights also bring more voluminous look to your black hair color on short hair

Tree tone hair coloring is another wonderful way of changing your appearance. You can dye your roots with black hair color, the layers with dark blue and the ends with lighter blue. Here you can see such examples that look beautiful and original. If you want you can add purple hues to your blue hair color you make the tone richer.three tone blue black hair color

blue black tree tone hair colorGenerally this hair color goes with straight hairstyles which allow it show off the applied hair colors. Braided hairstyles also give the pure effect of these colors, but if you love curls go ahead with your unique look and amuse everyone. After dyeing your hair with blue black shades don’t forget about regular touch ups. Always use hair color protective shampoo and conditioner. Here you see some great examples of blue black hair colors and if you have long hair you can choose either ombre or tree tone hair coloring. If you have shorter hair you can go for highlighting technique. Both will look hair with blue highlights

blue black hair color

blue black hair color 2016

blue black hair color 2016