2017 Awesome Hair Color and Braids Combinations

Crazy unicorn hair colors have taken the world of stylish blogs and websites. Everywhere we see bright, vivid and eye-catching hair color trends combined with fancy hairstyles. This time you will be amused by the beauty of some trendy hair colors and braids for 2017. These combinations are going to inspire particularly women who are fond of stylish braids and plaits.2017 Awesome Hair Color and Braids CombinationsRainbow Braided Hairstyle

The more shades you use to highlight your hair the prettier your braided hairstyles look. In the case of rainbow hair color we meet gorgeous ideas of multi-tone shades and styles. From now on you’ll start thinking only of the stunning rainbow hair colors as a good match for your festive braids. These bright hues are ready to create a party on your head.braided rainbow hair 2017Macaroon Braids with Pastel Hair Color

Have you always dreamed of dying your hair in pastel? Stop and state for a while before making the final decision. What if there is a better solution for you? Let’s combine the macaroon style with the many shades of pastel. This hair color idea is very attractive particularly in this hairstyle. You’d better go ahead with a lavishing mixture of pastel pink, blue, mint green and lavender hair colors and bring out its beauty with this modern braided hairstyle.pastel braids 2017Multi-Tone Hair Colors for Box Braids

Lately the dark and monotone box braids are replaced with rainbow ones. The created result is very beautiful and pleasant. This way your box braids look subtler and more feminine. Choose this style if you have decided to opt for the most gorgeous box braids ever. You will like the way it’s reflected on your long strands. Those with short hair can go for rainbow extensions.multi-tone box braids 2017Light Highlights for Braided Hair

Women with brunette hair often avoid braided hairstyles as they think that plaits look perfect only on light hair. Well, if you too think so you may use this cool trick to add more interest to your dark braids. Just go ahead with light natural-looking highlights and you will fall in love on your own style. This hair color idea is very stunning on any braided hairstyle.two-tone hair color for braids 2017Two-Tone Hair Color for Braids

Contrasting shades have the power to brighten up your locks and make it sparkle with all its power. If you have dark hair then you may use blond highlights to create a two-tone hair color. It will look gorgeous in any braided hairstyle. If you have light hair then add dark highlights for the same fabulous effect.two-tone hair color for braids 2017