Top 5 Hair Color Ideas for Long Hair 2017

Long hairstyles are healthy, shiny and trendy only when you dye them in fresh hair colors. If you have long hair then check out these top 5 hair colors for long hair 2017. No matter your hair type, you will see hair colors for all hair types and textures. Spice up your hair color if you want to make your long hairstyles fashionable and up-to-date. Not all long hairstyles are trendy and sophisticated.Top 5 Hair Color Ideas for Long Hair 2017Long Copper Curls

Curly hairstyles are the most eye-catching hair types that make you stand out in the crowd. They become flashier with bright and warm hair colors like copper red. The fact is that the majority of natural redheads have curly hair. So, if your curls are blonde or black you can add them more interest with a copper shade. It suits medium and light complexions and makes you look like a natural redhead if you have light eyes.long curly copper hair 2017Long Espresso Brown Hairstyle

Espresso brown or coffee brown hair colors are ideal for long sleek hairstyles. They complement thick hair and make it look shinier. One of the biggest advantages of this hair color is that it goes well with most skin tones and eye hues and looks natural. Using a blow drier and flat iron you will achieve the most gorgeous and the most sparkling hairstyle in a dark brunette shade.long espresso brown hair color 2017Blonde Hair Color for Long Loose Waves

If your most frequent hairstyle is the long loose waves then you’d better opt for light blonde hair colors to bring out the beauty of this style. You can keep the roots dark and lighten up the tips if your hair is naturally dark. The result will still be subtle and well-balanced with waves.long blonde waves 2017Long Ombre Hairstyle

It goes without saying that the first ombre hair colors were meant for long hair. Later women started to use it for medium and short hairstyles. Anyway, the best effects of ombre hair colors are seen on long hair. Straight, wavy or curly the final look is more attractive when you dye your long hair in an ombre shade.long ombre hair color 2017Long Balayage Hair

Finally, here is the most natural-looking hair coloring and highlighting idea for long hair. It’s the trendy balayage that welcomes long hairstyles. You can take it into account if you want to add a pop of color to your strands without an extravagant experiment or change.long balayage hair color 2017