Summer/Fall Hair Color Issues and Fixes

Summer is here and we are thinking of a good hair color that can go with the season. But if you have decide to spend your summer at the beach or in the swimming pools then you should know that both the rays of the sun and the chlorine make your hair color fade quickly. That’s why we offer you the best summer/fall hair color issues and fixes to know the ways of bringing back your shiny hair color for the next season.

Fried endslight blonde hair colorThis is perhaps the most common issue concerning your hair.  It arises especially during summer months and is dominant on hotter days. If you have dry ends that seem to be fried it means that they have passed through a thorough or too much treatment and styling and now it’s time to bring back their fine look. All they need is some breather. To fix your hair you are supposed to go for a deep conditioning once a week particularly focusing on the edges. red hair color

Brassy blondegolden blonde hair color

white blonde hairThose that have bleached their hair color especially to get a platinum blonde effect regular washing hair with hot water can make the color closer to brassy. To fix your hair color you should use violet shampoo which is considered to be color correcting product made special for blonde hair to keep it from brassiness or yellowness.

Green hairblonde highlights

chocolate brown hair colorThose that have such experience of having their newly colored hair look like green after getting out of the swimming pool should know that the best way of fixing your hair color is to use clarifying shampoo just after getting out of the water. If it happens that some stubborn layers still keep the greenness it’s better to refer to a good hairstylist who can provide you with a stronger product to bring back your hair color.

 Orangey layersdark brunette

highlights and lowlightsBrown hair colored women that spend much time under the rays of the sun will soon notice that their locks become orangey. Though they will bring a look of highlighting on your layers but it’s just what we call brown hair color fading. You can escape this by using tinted hair powders. It’s quite easy and quick at the same time.

Faded hair colorrihanna  brown caramel highlights

bleached blonde hair 2016It doesn’t matter what hair dye you use, each hair color tends to fade after some period of time. The strong rays of the sun and the minerals of water can steal the shine of your hair and make them look unhealthy. To protect your hair color from fading you should use hair color protective products and of course do regular touch ups. These touch ups are expected to be done at least once a month depending on the brightness of your hair shade.