Shiniest Celebrity Hair Color Trends 2017

The fresher your hair color the shinier your hair looks. This is no more a hair styling secret and many celebs follow it to sparkle on the red carpet. Find the ultimate hair color idea from this string of the shiniest celebrity hair colors for 2017. Prepare for some serious and fancier hair envy as I am going to represent the hottest Hollywood stars with the glossiest locks.Shiniest Celebrity Hair Color Trends 2017Lily Collins Brown Hair Color

Lily Collins rocks the warmest brown hair colors and her caramel highlights just nail it. Her retro hairstyles combined with shiny brown hair colors are the trendiest for many brunettes. Her glamorous hairstyle and hair color matchings get the best admiration and soon become popular among stylish beauties. She has thick and healthy hair, which shines under the rays of the sun with all its power.Lily Collins brown hair color 2017Emily Ratajkowski Brunette Hair Color

Emily Ratajkowski is prompting us the next hair goals. She keeps her brunette shade in its shiniest hue and plays with wavy and curly hairstyles to show it off. The secret how she achieves that shine on her deep brunette hair is still longs to her. Maybe one day she’ll reveal how her stylist works with her locks to provide them with so much gloss.Emily Ratajkowski shiny hair color 2017Alicia Vikander Light Brown Hair Color

Alicia Vikander’s hair is in the state that literary reflects the shine gained from the sun. Her light brown tone becomes even glossier thanks to the wet-look and sleek effect of her straight hairstyle. This shade is great for women who want a neutral and natural-looking tone of brown to match with all their outfits, soft makeups and luxury accessories.Alicia Vikander light brown hair 2017Olivia Palermo Honey Blonde Hair Color

It’s more than obvious that the honey blonde is a shiny hair color. But the fact is that not everyone has the power to bring this shine out of this shade. You should have healthy and strong hair type like Olivia Palermo to gain the desired honey blonde hue on your locks. She is a master of hair colors and trendy hairstyles, that’s why we see her in the shiniest tone of honey blonde.honey blonde hair color 2017Kim Murray Bronze Hair Color

Thanks to her ideally luscious hair Kim Murray has the opportunity to rock a variety of hair colors but she keeps her style true to her natural beauty and wears bronze-y shades. This is one of the glossiest hair color ideas among metallic hair color trends. You can wear it with olive and dark skin tones.Kim Murray shiny hair color 2017