Get Your Hair Lightened

Women with dark hair color often wish to get light hair color without damaging their hair much. All you need is just visiting a salon and telling what you really want. No matter you take the brightest hair color you can achieve the desired result with a simple hair dying technique. In this case you need to lighten  your hair. If you have dark hair and want to go for a light shade check these great options.light blonde hair color 2016If you are planning to get a light hair color first of all you need to find a professional hair colorist. You’ll surely deal with bleaching and doing it at home won’t be that wise, so visit a salon. Of course you can look for cheaper versions and buy these products from a common beauty store but when used incorrectly you may damage your scalp, your eyes and your skin. So, get a pro to avoid such unpleasant situations.blonde hair color 2016Remember that you can’t achieve the desired result at once or from the first dyeing. Thus the darker your hair the longer lasts this process. Though it may demand much time but do not quicken the process by frequent bleaching. It’s the main reason why many get unhealthy hear at the end. Generally it takes several months to get the best result, so don’t get disappointed or discouraged a little patience can lead you to the desired hair color. light ombre hair 2016

pastel pink hair colorIn the lightening process it’s important to tone your hair. Toning is unusually just for skin tone matching especially if you are still bleaching your hair.  This can be achieved at home bringing yellowish undertones to your hair.

The lighter you want the shade to be, the more you will need to touch up it.  Regular touch ups keep your hair shiny and healthy. They protect the hair color from fading and losing it’s effect. It’s recommended to do touch ups every 5 to 6 weeks. Also use hair color protective products to preserve the color. Avoid swimming pools as water tends to change your newly dyed hair. Later on you can also refresh your hair color with fashionable highlights. Keep in mind that going for too light hair color it will be difficult for you to come back to your dark shade. But if you love your new light hair color you can always keep it. Have as much fun as your hair needs.  blonde hair color

brown highlights 2016

copper hair color