The Latest Red Hair Colors and Trends for 2017

Are you looking for the best and stylish red hair colors and trends for 2017? We are here to offer you the most attractive and shiny hues of red that will surely inspire you. Bellow you can find a fascinating collection of red hair colors that look not only pretty but are also quite trendy.

Natural Red Hair Color

There are 3 main types of natural hair colors; brunette, blonde and red. If you belong to the third category perhaps you have felt how unique you look due to your red hair color. People sometimes ask whether you have dyed your hair red or it’s your natural hair color. This question is quite normal since modern hair styling methods allow as get the closest shade of natural hair color and to change our hair color into red. In most cases the effect looks so natural and suitable that you love that shade till the end of your life. This hair color is also called ginger that suits fair skin tones with pink undertones and women with interesting face features. There are light and a bit dark shades of natural red that look like a faded orange. Their ability of shining under the rays of the sun makes a fantastic scene bringing out the yellowish red hues all over your hair.Natural Red Hair Color on Long Curly HairRed hair colors look awesome on all hairstyles especially on long curls that provide more natural look. Here you can see some pictures of natural red hair color. Choose a shade that best goes with your skin tone. Don’t forget to use hair color protective products not to lose the brightness of your hair color. If you want it look always fresh you are expected to refresh it once a month.

Black and Red Hair Color Ideas

Nutty looks that are provided by extravagant hair color combinations that are waiting for our brave and crazy women  ready to do radical changes on their appearance. In this article we’ll speak about the mad combination of red and black hair colors that inspired many women. The shown examples will prove how attractive red and black combo looks on hair. They are the colors that go both with fair skin tones and with warm complexions without asking any eye color. If you need a dramatic transformation that will help you stand out from the crowd red and black hair color options are here for and red hair colorHalf Black -Half Red Hair Color

As you see this experiment worked well bringing out absolute red and black hair colors dividing hair into two equal parts. It looks nice both on long curly hair ad on medium length straight hair bringing out the real shades of black and red. 

Red Hair Color for Your Skin Tone

It is not a secret that every hair color demands certain skin complexions to bring out it’s real effect. Red hair color is not an exception and since it has a rich hair color palette you are given a great chance of picking the most suitable shade for you. Although you have already found the latest red hair color you need to think twice before sporting that color. You should take into consideration your skin tone and learn whether that very hue suits you or not. So, the best way to know which red matches your skin tone is to search for pictures of red hair color and of course keep on reading our article. We do our best to help you discover the secrets of looking gorgeous.

Red Hair Color for Light Skin TonesRed Hair Color for Light Skin TonesIf you have fair or light skin complexion and blonde hair color strawberry blonde which has subtle red shades in it is just for you. It won’t overpower your coloring and will give tender look. Do some research between lighter shades and avoid dark reds which may wash out your pale skin coloring. Instead take softer red hair colors like terra-cottas. It is recommended to blend some red with your natural hair if you have light brunette or dark blonde hair color. It can give a great boost to you hair and will look quite natural. Try to go for warmer shades and escape deep violet reds no matter you love them or not. They just won’t work with your appearance.

Miley Cyrus New Hair Color at the Met Gala 2016

Miley Cyrus has always surprised her fans with her incredible and gorgeous looks. Each Met Gala she does her best to stand out from others and she really succeeds. This time when Miley announced she was going to attend Met Gala 2016 everyone impatiently waited for her new appearance. And of course she didn’t disappoint.   Miley Cyrus hair color at the Met Gala 2016Miley appeared in a stunning studded turtleneck dress which could seem somehow conservative but after a quick glance at the two huge cutouts in the middle of it we understood that she again shows off her open-minded nature.

Shades of Copper Hair Color

There are various shades of copper hair color starting from fiery copper to the sweatiest strawberry and dark ginger to copper penny. All these shades can bring lightness to your face and will grab more and more attention. All you need to do with this hair color is to choose the right shade for your skin complexion

Ginger Copper Hair ColorGinger Copper Hair ColorIf you want to dye your hair with a red shade not without losing your natural look, you can choose ginger copper hair color that is very elegant on any hairstyle. It is not only tender but also brightens up your appearance. Soft porcelain skin with pink undertones is perfect for this shade.

5 Subtle Hair Colors You Should Try in 2016

You know what is the difference between girly look and feminine look? It’s the styles you use to break the rules that you were used to use. Time passes on and you realize that you need more and more changes to look attractive. You try to be as fashionable as possible. Thus, it refers to your hairstyles and hair colors as well. This article will make you change your mind and create another style to fascinate everyone around you. We are going to represent 5 subtle hair colors you should try in 2016.sombre hair color 2016If you have ever followed the rules that the fashion world dictates then you probably know how funny it is to follow these rules. This time our hairstylists tried to show 5 hair colors in a new way instead of creating extravagant styles. And this sounds more attractive, since you will be amused by the new approach they used to make a change. it’s nothing but a simple hair color game that they played and the results are just fantastic. You won’t see extraordinary hairstyles but you’ll surely love the hair colors of different shades.

Chestnut Brown Hair Color

Chestnut hair color is a balanced shade that can suite many skin complexions. It looks perfect on natural light to black natural hair colors. There are several ways of getting a chestnut hair shade and to bring it’s real effect. In this article you’ll learn how to get this fantastic shade of brown and what skin complexions work with it. So, if you want to dye your hair in any of chestnut shades, keep on reading. chestnut hair color 2016Pin-straight with a Tan: since chestnut color is a neutral hue it doesn’t grab whole attention for it. It tends to bring out your beautiful tanned or dark skin and to emphasize your pretty face features. It’s a hot and nice color that goes best with tanned skin. If you want to glow with this hair color you are supposed to combine it with a dark eyeliner and dark mascara. Makin your hair pin-straight you will have the ability to illuminate your face. It can structure a beautiful frame around your head.

Find the Best Hair Color for You

In this article we want to represent hair colors that match your skin tone. You will have the opportunity of choosing the shade that best works with your skin complexion and eye color. This is the most important thing in hair dyeing. So, there are 4 main types of hair colors: black, blonde, red and colors 2016

Brunettebrunette hair color 2016This hair color tends to look nice on any complexion, however you should choose the shade that is closer to your skin tone. There are many shades of brunette and if you are a natural brunette then all brunette tones can match you. if you are blonde and still want to go for brunette shades, you can just add brunette highlights to your blonde locks. Another alternative can be the ombre technique which allows you to combine blonde roots with brunette edges. In both cases the effect is stunning.

Awesome Red Lowlights

There are different ways of enriching your hair color. One of the most effective options is lowlights. Red lowlights are often worn to bring a little transformation into your hair color. Red is the color that has many hues starting from the brightest colors to the coolest tints. As for hair colors there are burgundy, dark cherry, sangria, maroon and several other shades of red. They can give you great eyectahing highlightsRed lowlights can best go with the hues of brown for base hair colors. They can emphasize the base color and give extra dimensional effect to the hair. If you are blonde and want to go for red lowlights it’s better to take lighter hues not to look too contrasting. Though, it can be quite original. There are cases when hairstylists offer to combine red lowlights with highlights. They are also used with other color to make an extraordinary combination. Now, let’s discuss several good examples.

Red Lowlights on Brunette Hair Color

red lowlights on brunette hair colorThis medium length hairstyle looks beautiful with red lowlights that you can easily get at home. They are spared over brunette hair color and don’t tend to make it lose it’s effect. Moreover, red lowlights go with brunette hair color and add extra dimension. If you want to get this effect you’d better take shades of red that are closer to brown or brunette hair colors.

10 Celebrities that Prefer Strawberry Blonde

What’s Strawberry Blonde?

Strawberry Blonde is a blonde hue that has various reddish shades. You can use these shades for your highlights combined with several suitable tints of red. It is colored from richer tones, a greater proportion of which are chestnut colored pigments mixed to cooler tones and where copper or apricot-colored pigments are supposed to be based. The variants are plenty enough and everything is possible. And in this article we’ll discuss 10 celebrities that prefer strawberry blonde and following their fantastic examples you can find the right shade matching your skin complexion and eye color.strawberry blonde hair colorWhich skin types match Strawberry Blonde?

If you have decided to wear strawberry blonde then keep on reading to know which skin types strawberry blonde matches. Blonde hair matches many skin types, from very fair skin to tanned skin tones. It’s shades look great no matter what. In the case of strawberry blonde skin should not be too dark. It can be useful to follow the example of the natural occurrence of hair colors. People having naturally red hair, often have a fair skin complexion. So, in case you have bright skin tone then strawberry blonde is perfect for you.