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The Latest Red Hair Colors and Trends for 2017

Are you looking for the best and stylish red hair colors and trends for 2017? We are here to offer you the most attractive and shiny hues of red that will surely inspire you. Bellow you can find a fascinating collection of red hair colors that look not only pretty but are also quite trendy.

Emma Stone Hair Color Makeover

Sometimes referring to the hair color makeovers of our celebrities we choose the ones who have experimented with a wide range of shades. This time we’ll represent you hair color makeover of Emma Stone and will offer the best shades this lovely actress has experimented with.emma stone hair color makeover 2016Emma Stone always loves to appear on the red carpet with ne hair colors and with trendy hairstyles. This natural blonde beauty that many consider as a natural redhead looks very stunning with the hair colors worn so far. Honestly I also love her red hair shades but she becomes quite different with each hair color.

Warm Hair Color Ideas for Fall 2016

Sometimes women with pale skin tones and light eye colors want to warm up their complexion and the best way they choose is the hair coloring. There are thousands of shades of warm hair colors which look very shiny and bring a sun-kissed effect. Since autumn offers a nice color palette we try to choose shades that look warm and seductive enough. The best colors perhaps are yellowish blondes, reds and warm browns. In this post we’ll offer you the warmest hues ever, suitable for fall 2016 and you can choose a shade for the upcoming season.warm hair colors for fall 2016The colors of autumn are very bright and to match your hair color with them you are expected to take the warmest shades of the existing hair colors. Generally they are perfect for women who have pale skin tone but it’s darker skin toned women are also welcome to dye their hair in a subtle warm shade which will work with their complexion.  So, now let’s discuss the shades of warm hair colors.

Red Hair Color Ideas for Fall 2016

Autumn is almost here and you should think of new hair colors for fall 2016 suitable both for the season and for your complexion. If you haven’t experimented with red shades here we offer you fashionable red shades  for fall. You can also take examples of celebrities who wear shades of this hair hair colors 2016Shiny copper red hair color of Christina Hendricks

Christina Hendricks wearing copper red hair color on her wavy bob haircut created and new and fresh look which suites her face and works with her fair complexion. It seems as if this is her natural shade which perfectly matches her light green eyes and pink undertones. This hue demands regular touch ups and if you want to keep it’s shine use hair color protective products.

5 Hair Color Trends to Try Before the Year Ends

Want to change your hair color but don’t know which shade to take? We will help you find the most suitable hue for you right here. Try one of these 5 hair color trends before the year ends and look as fashionable as you wanted during the whole year. We collect the best options and offer you the most stylish solutions. Keep your eye on these shades and pick the one that best goes with your complexion.

Platinum Blonde Hair Colorplatinum blonde hair colors 2016These days platinum blonde hair color is worn by many celebrities including Kim Kardashian, Miley Cyrus, Margot Robbie and by many others. It suits both light and dark skin toned ladies and if you have dark hair color you are supposed to go for bleaching before dyeing it platinum blonde. Of course, it’s easier for natural blondes to get platinum blonde hair color on their locks. This hue closer to the lightest shades of blonde, tends to highlight your beauty and bring out your complexion. It also lightens up your entire look focusing on your face features. If you have dark eyes then they will surely pop out, if you have light eyes they will make a harmonious and well-balanced look. Actually monotone platinum blonde is a subtle hue and can be worn on any length of hair.

Hair Color Ideas for Fall 2016

With the changes of weather we think of new hair colors suitable for the coming season. Taking into consideration the fact that summer is coming to it’s end we should look for new hair color ideas for fall 2015. If you want to look refreshed and fashionable at the same time you should go for a shade appropriate for the humid and rainy autumn. This season is very inspiring due to it’s game of different hues which are very beautiful and captivating. So, if you feel that you are going to switch up your shade then consider the following hair colors worn by colors for fall 2016Flaxen Blonde Hair color

This hair color giving some lightness to on the locks and darkness on the roots is very suitable for fall due to the dark golden shade and combined with flaxen blonde. It was experimented by Taylor Schilling, Taylor Swift, Julianne Hough and many others. Flaxen blonde best works with fair complexions and brings out dark eye makeup.

Best Celebrity Hair Colors 2015-2016

Summer is coming closer to it’s final hot days and we keeping our eyes on the fashion changes want to share with you the best celebrity hair colors for 2015 which are going to be trendy in 2016 too. These shades are very seductive and call you to transform your entire look. Follow the rules of the fashion and change your style with a new hair color.

Kim Kardashian Hair Colors 2015Kim Kardashian hair colors for 2015-2016Kim amused us with her new hair colors which include both dark and light shades. We have seen her with platinum blonde and brunette hair colors like dark brown, espresso, black and other shades. Definitely all these hues go with her complexion and highlight her hot look.

Burgundy Hair Color for Red Hair, Brunettes and Blondes

Burgundy hair color or the so called red wine hair color is usually worn by brunettes and in few cases by blondes. This hair color generally looks very bright and loves to play with the rays of the sun on our locks. Redheads sometimes go for   cinnamon tones to create burgundy hair color. All shades of burgundy including maroon, deep red and cinnamon look great on nay hair. In this article you can find the best burgundy hair colors for redheads, brunettes and blondes.burgundy hair colorThis hair color is a new inspiration for many women who want to refresh their hair color and become more alluring. If you like the retro style you can get nice retro hairstyles with burgundy hair color. In other words burgundy is a retro hair color. With more vivid shades you can get a stunning look for parties. Just look at these examples and choose a shade appropriate for your complexion. Actually it’s a very flexible hair color and goes with most skin tones. The main contrast will bring light eye colors but they look unique and very pretty making you stand out in the crowd.

Bright Red Hair Color

Only brave women can dare to wear bright red hair color because is one of the brightest hues among other colors. Bright red or fiery red brings a fairy tale look popping out your skin tone and eye color. This flexible hair color finds matching possibilities with fair skin tones and light eye colors. Now, you’ll learn which shade goes with your complexion and eye hair color 2016Unfortunately bright red hair color is not a shade for every skin tone and blessed are those that have pale skin. However we can also see examples when dark skin toned women look smashing with bright red hair color. Later we’ll refer to this too.

Celebrities with Dark Red Hair Color

In many cases it’s not an easy task to leave your comfort zone and to go for radical hair color changes. Red hair color is one among these brave experiments. Sometimes we feel that a huge change can make us quite differing and can change our entire appearance and we usually choose hair coloring method. Today we’ll speak about the celebrities with dark red hair color and will discover which skin tones this amazing hue demands.

Alyson Hannigan Dark Red Hair ColorAlyson Hannigan Dark Red Hair ColorThough Alyson isn’t a natural redhead but she has sported this nice red hair color with great pleasure. Now, we can say she is known with her red hair that inspires many women. Actually she loves to play with light and dark hair colors but red is the color that perfectly suits her. If you have such complexion as Alyson you can take this very shade of red.

Natural Red Hair Color

There are 3 main types of natural hair colors; brunette, blonde and red. If you belong to the third category perhaps you have felt how unique you look due to your red hair color. People sometimes ask whether you have dyed your hair red or it’s your natural hair color. This question is quite normal since modern hair styling methods allow as get the closest shade of natural hair color and to change our hair color into red. In most cases the effect looks so natural and suitable that you love that shade till the end of your life. This hair color is also called ginger that suits fair skin tones with pink undertones and women with interesting face features. There are light and a bit dark shades of natural red that look like a faded orange. Their ability of shining under the rays of the sun makes a fantastic scene bringing out the yellowish red hues all over your hair.Natural Red Hair Color on Long Curly HairRed hair colors look awesome on all hairstyles especially on long curls that provide more natural look. Here you can see some pictures of natural red hair color. Choose a shade that best goes with your skin tone. Don’t forget to use hair color protective products not to lose the brightness of your hair color. If you want it look always fresh you are expected to refresh it once a month.