Awesome Purple Hair Colors and Trends for 2017

From the darkest to the lightest purple hair colors we offer you the most amazing hues that will make your look more stunning. Discover the awesome purple hair colors and trends for 2017. You can change yourself by changing your appearance.

Kelly Osbourne Pastel Hair Colors

Recently we see many celebrities going for pastel hair colors. These hues are so subtle, feminine and cool that the desire to get a fashionable look just with pastel shades doesn’t leave us alone. When we have looked at the hair color makeovers of Kelly Osbourne we have seen that lately she showed off her love towards subtle pastel hair colors and especially purple hues are becoming her signature hair colors. We share our interest towards Kelly’s smashing looks with you and offer the best solutions her hairstylists try out.Kelly Osbourne pastel hair colors 2016Kelly Osbourne pink hair color

Since Kelly has fair complexion with pink undertones her hairstylist best knew that pink hair color would compliment her skin tone and light eye color. Here you see how beautiful she looks with this tender shade of pink. It fantastically matches her light skin tone and brings out her pretty eyes. She has worn the best makeup suitable for this hair color and looks like a doll. Her glossy pink lipstick and the mild eye makeup ideally go with both her hairstyle and hair color.

Trendy Shades of Blue Hair Color

Blue hair color is  very flexible and eye-catching which finds matching with light complexions as well as with dark skin tones. It’s a very subtle and “peaceful” hue that has an ethereal touch in it. But before dyeing your hair with this color you should know which shade to take to look nice with. We represent the trendy shades of blue hair color and if you have decided to wear this hue choose the best shade for you just hair colors 2016Since blue has many shades from darkest to the lightest the opportunities of wearing this hair color expands both for light and dark complexions. Obviously dark skin toned women can take darker shades and light skin toned ladies will look great with light blue shades. It suits every haircut, so if you have short hair you may dye it with a monotone blue hue and if you have long hair you may go for blue ombre or may prefer two or three tone hair coloring. Blue highlights are also very fashionable these days and approximately you can take deep shade for dark hair and light shade dye for lighter hair colors. I am sorry to tell that blue hair color doesn’t make a nice matching with red shades, so redheads may avoid this shade.

Eternal Lavender Hair Color

Lavender is the lightest hue of purple that looks ethereal and very beautiful on hair. Women with this hair color always stand out from the crowd with their subtle and airy appearance. Some shades of lavender hair color are closer to light pastel purple hair color. The light shades of the lilac flower also remind of nice lavender hair color. This hair color makes you look like fairy run from a wonderland. Though it looks good combined with fair skin tones but there are cases when it goes also with medium skin tone. In this case light eye color will break down the contrast. In this article you’ll see examples of lavender hair color that will surely inspire you if you are a fan of light hair colors.

Lavender Hair Color on Long Hairlavender hair color on long hairLong or short your hair will look dreamlike. Here you see fair skin and subtle lavender hair color combo. They work well with each other creating more feminine look. Light blue eyes bring a heavenly touch creating a dolly look.

Trendy Shades of Plum Hair Color 2016

Plum hair color is among the most delicate and mysterious shades that women wear. It’s a nice hue of purple that looks very beautiful and tender. Besides looking nice it also goes with almost all skin complexions and provides hues that are both light and dark. in this article we’ll show the trendy shades of plum hair color 2016 which are sported by many famous women. Here you can see hues that are in lighter shades of plum reminding us of a callow plum and the darker shades bring a color of a ripe plum. It goes without saying that all these shades look very feminine and subtle. they are worn on all lengths of hair starting from pixie haircuts to the long hairstyles. It also works good with different eye colors.

Medium Plum Hair Color on Long Wavy Hair: Here you see several shades of medium plum hair color on long wavy hair. It is matched with medium skin complexion and beautiful green eyes. Though you may think it;s a kind of contrast but the effect looks pretty and even gorgeous. The mixture of dark and light hues of purple created a fantastic shade of medium plum hair color.
medim plum hair colorPlum Hair Colors of Ariana Grande: Ariana Grande has experimented with different hair colors. Her burgundy hair color is still fresh in our minds and has inspired many girls but now this great hair color combination is quite trendy.

Chic Hair Color Ideas 2016

Bring some craziness with your new chic hair color. 2016 loves to provide hair colors that are crazy and original and make you look brave enough. Chic hair color ideas 2016 are here to inspire you for your next looks. These pictures will help to orientate what hairstyle and what hair colors you need for 2016. Besides being extravagant chic hair colors are also unique and interesting. They tend to keep your look fashionable and attractive. Dyeing you hair with one of these hair colors you’ll stand out from the crowd with your amazing look.Chic Hair Color purpleAll you need to get such results is to style your hair with a rich hair color palette. Before going for any of these hairstyles ask for the help of a good hairstylist who best knows what hair colors and what haircuts will suit your skin tone and face features. First of all get a haircut that works with your face features than choose suitable hair colors.

Shades of Purple Hair Color for 2016

If you decide to dye your hair on any purple color you’d better take the most recent and fashionable hues. Since 2016 is unique with it’s great suggestions of bright hair colors purple is one of the dominant hair colors among these vivid shades.  It was used by many celebrities and is on the top list of hair colors. The represented shades of purple hair color for 2016 will help you find the best shade according to your taste. You can pick any shade from dark indigo to pastel lilac which all look delicate and pretty.lilac hair colorChoosing a purple hair color: Before going for any shade of purple hair color, you need to decide which effect you want to get and what shade will be the best for it. Dark purple colors such as indigo, deep purple and burgundy can be achieved easier if you have dark hair color.

Katy Perry’s Hair Color Makeovers

We often refer to the fashionable hair colors of our Hollywood celebrities. This time we will discuss  Katy Perry’s hair Color Makeovers and the dramatic hair colors she chooses for her huge transformations. It’s a long time ewe are following Katy’s incredible changes and her hair color makeovers. The first fact that can surprise many of us is that her natural hair color is blonde. It’s really incredible. How she turned into the recent hues is quite interesting. So, let’s look at the pictures and see what hair colors has experimented Katy Perry so far.Katy Perry hair colors

Katy Perry Blonde Hair Color: As we have already mentioned, Katy Perry’s natural hair color is blonde. This cute hair colors suits her very much and makes her more delicate. As it’s her natural hair color it defiantly suits her skin complexion and eye color.  Wearing blonde on wavy medium length hair she looks quite pretty. Her hairstylist used the mixture of highlighting and ombre techniques to get this fantastic effect. She has her roots in lighter shades of blonde and the locks in golden hues of blonde. If you feel that this hair color goes with your skin tone you can also experiment it.

Dye Your Hair a Pastel Color in 2016

Pastel colors, as you know are very trendy especially in 2016. They bring tender shades and offer fantastic subtle looks. If you are eager for new changes and want to wonder everyone you’d better dye your hair in a color that is quite stylish. In this case taking pastel hair colors can be a smart choice. So, before picking a pretty hair color (which is not that easy) we offer you to do an interesting experiment by hair coloring chalks. First of all you can try any color you want with these chalks to see which color suits you or which color most appeals to you. This trick can help you to discover the best pastel hue which you can use later as your hair color.pastel hair color mint green

If you are young and wish to capture more attention, then pastel hair colors can make you unique and will not leave you invisible in the crowd. People will surely be interested in the technique you used for your hair dye and in the crazy choice you went for.

Burgundy Hair Color

Burgundy is the color that is fashionable all year round and it looks really fantastic and appeals to many women. It’s like a real fine red wine over your head and these swirls of purples and reds through easily catch the light and play with the rays of the sun looking great with contrasts of number of skin tones. Here you’ll learn the best way of getting burgundy hair color and will surely love to try on.Burgundy Hair ColorIf you are fond of making statements with your hair, but are quite shy to go for a very bright color (like purple, blue, bright red or violet), burgundy offers the best option. It is dark enough to look tender and professional at work, but stylish and trendy enough to be considered as risky and different. It is a very pretty versatile shade and is met in a number of different tones as well – from dark and soft, to more vibrant and hot.

Summer 2016; Hair color Ideas

Each season we try to dye our hair with the colors which go not only with our taste but also with that season. Summer is the season of unexpected changes. People usually try new things especially in summer because it is just the appropriate time to gather together all creative ideas. Adventurous experiments let us show our inner brightness and creativeness. Changing your hair color is one of the best ways to spotlight your real beauty. This article will help you to find the Best Hair Color for Summer 2016 months.

Hair highlights 2016

Here we represent top colors that best suit this season. Taking into account the warmness of summer we offer you to combine your base color with vibrant hues. Though you can also choose natural-looking highlights which best work with curly and wavy hair giving them just a summer look.