The Best Hair Highlights and Trends for 2017

You know the way of changing your look by hair highlights. Those who love to follow the best hair highlights and trends for 2017 we offer a wide range of options that defiantly look lovely and pretty. If you are fond of hair highlights and are eager to pick the best colors and hair highlight solutions we can help you to choose the right option for you.

Cool Hair Color Ideas 2015-2016

One of the easiest and quickest ways of transforming into another lady is hair coloring. Radical hair color change can make your appearance totally different and can highlight your real beauty.  You can make your own style and stand out from the crowd. By your new look you can also inspire many women that are eager for new changes. Today it’s more fashionable to go for half hair coloring instead of entire coloring which keeps hair from damaging. In this case you dye only some part of your hair making tow or tree hair coloring effect which is more attractive than monotone style. Keeping the rest of your hair the way it is you protect it from harmful chemical products that hairstylists used to use. In this article we represent cool hair color ideas 2015-2016 that are easy achieved and don’t demand much money.

Ombre tipsblonde orange ombreThose beautifies that have long hair ombre technique can reflect it’s fine effect on your locks. You can dye the crown part of your hair with one color and starting from middle to the end with another. If you have shorter hair like medium length, it can look like a regular ombre that looks very beautiful. For 2015-2016 take softer and lighter hair colors choosing shades of green, pink or purple. Dye your tips about 5-7 inches with a nice airy hue that is totally differing color from your current hair color.

Top 10 Craziest Rainbow Hair Colors

Are you already aware of the crazy tendency of wearing rainbow hair colors? They are here! Look at these incredible top 10 craziest rainbow hair colors that will drive you mad and will make you think of it’s artistic side. Why do people go for such kind of changes? Don’t overload your mind with these questions. You’ll get the answers just now and just here. Let’s go!rainbow hair colors on a braidRainbow hair colors include the colors of the bright rainbow sometimes reflecting the most vivid hues that can be made on the base of lighter hues. You wear all the possible rainbow colors on your hair and look like a pixie from a fairy tale. It sounds even fascinating. Actually these are colorful highlights that look pretty both in thinner and thicker styles. They cover your whole hiding the hair color you used to wear. Though going for rainbow hair colors is a kind of risky but there are 2 ways you can do it; permanent and temporary. You know that dying your hair with a deep hair dye you’ll need much time to change your look in the future that’s why our smart hairstylist offer the temporary hair dying method which allows you dye your hair for  a short period of time and unlike standard hair coloring temporary coloring demands less effort.

Fantastic Hair Colors for 2015-2016

Sometimes when people want fabulous changes in their appearance choose styles that are fashionable and can make them look like a different person. This new changes also change our life bringing something positive into it. Women usually experiment with different hair colors that make their appearance more attractive and differing. It’s an easy way of refreshing your look and also having fun with your beautiful hair color. In this article we’ll represent fantastic hair colors for 2015-2016.

Radiant Orchid Hair ColorRadiant Orchid Hair Color If you are looking for a dramatic hair color that will be always in the center of attention here is the subtle hues of radiant orchid hair color. This is the color of the year and offers several interesting shades from bright to light. This is not a common hair color that can be seen in every step and it will surely make you stand out from the crowd. Orchid hair color is a mysterious color that reminds of a fascinating fairy tale.

Bright Brown Hair Highlights

Brown hair color is the color that is always trendy and provides stunning looks due to it’s shine and mysterious shades. Bright brown hair highlights are the most fashionable options for those that love to experiment with the hues of brown. Both celebrities and modern ladies wear this hair color that refreshes the previous looks.Bright Brown Hair Highlights for medium skin toneWomen with brown hair color may need a little change in their appearance and in this case bright brown can be a great idea. If you don’t want a radical change and just wish to highlight your beautiful look you can apply vibrant brown highlights on your layers. For more natural effect you can take closer hue of brown for your hair.

Tie- Dye Hair Color Ideas

Dyeing your hair with the tie dye technique is a great way of refreshing the look of your hair. It’s quite easy and enjoyable. You even don’t need to visit salon to get one of these results. Many hairstylists call this kind of hair dying dip dyeing. Whatever it is called the main idea is to give your hair more attractive and funky look by dying your locks with different colors.Tie- Dye Hair with pastel huesThough many use long lasting process while getting this result but we are here to offer you the easiest way of tie dye hair coloring.  We’ll also offer the best tie dye hair color ideas.

Blonde Hair with Brown Highlights 2016

Though blonde and brown combination is no longer a new hair coloring technique but our smart hairstylist have found out new fashionable solutions for blonde and brown hair color combo. The newest version mainly shares the ides of blonde hair with brown highlights. We will represent the latest options of this hairstyle and will give you a great idea of a trendy hair coloring.Blonde Hair With Chunky Brown highlightsThere are different ways of styling your hair with blonde and brown hair colors. The most important thing is to take into account your skin complexion to match it with the best shade of brown or blonde. If you are a natural blonde you are supposed to focus on the shades of brown as all blonde hair colors will suit you. On the other hand, if you are a natural brunette you should choose a suitable shade between blonde hair colors.

Which Hair Colors are Fashionable in 2016

Looking for the latest fashionable hair colors? Her are the best options of hair colors for 2016. We represent hair colors for all skin complexions with the help of our celebrity hair color examples. After reading the article have a look at these pictures and decide which hair color is the best for you in 2016.

Anne Hathaway Platinum Blonde Hair ColorAnne Hathaway Platinum Blonde Hair ColorHaving natural brunette hair color Anne Hathaway suddenly appears with platinum blonde hair. Surprisingly it suits her due to her light skin tone. In spite the contrast between brown eyes and blonde hue this hair color makeover is one of the greatest changes Anne has ever sported.

Fashionable Hair Color Ideas for Long Hair

Long hair is a gift if it’s healthy and good-looking. But what do we do to get stunning hairstyle and gorgeous look. The first thing you should think of is your hair color. Does it go with your long hair? It’s time to discover which the best shades for long hair are in 2016. Here we’ll speak about the smashing hair colors that look very beautiful especially on long hair and bring out their real shade due to your long layers.

Platinum Blonde Hair Colorplatinum blone hair colorPlatinum blonde hair color looks nice on many hairstyles but it shows off it’s real tenderness only on long hairstyles. White blonde or platinum blonde can look good on long straight hair and will work with fair skin complexions and light eye colors. If you need a light shade of blonde platinum blonde is a good choice.

Best Hair Color Trends at Met Gala 2016

Met Gala is among the fashion shows that gather together the most fashionable celebrities that try to look as unique and stylish as possible. Since they know that their examples are going to become sources of inspirations for many females they wear the trendiest hair colors. This time we’ll represent the best hair color trends at met Gala 2016 that look very beautiful and gorgeous. If you are thinking of a good hair color with a nice haircut you can choose one of these great hairstyles.

Black Hair Color of Adriana LimaBlack Hair Color of Adriana LimaThis mysterious shade of black that works good with Adriana’s warm skin tone and calm eye color, makes her hot look more attractive. It also goes with her stunning claret dress with black transparent black V-cleft dress. Her hairstyle reminds us of a long style that Cleopatra had in her time. They really look fresh and health and perhaps make one of the best hairstyles Adriana ever had.

Two -Tone Hair Colors for Short Haircuts

Those that have short hairstyles always think of hair color techniques that can go with their hairstyle. We are here to tell you that the options are various and one of the most fashionable techniques is two tone hair coloring technique. Here you will see amazing two- tone hair colors for short hairstyles and will surely orientate which shades to take for 2016. To show off your uniqueness you go for different experiments and try out the trendiest looks. As for two-tone hair colors we will offer the ombre technique which is very beautiful and suitable for short haircuts and also stylish thin highlights that can frame and emphasize the beauty of your face features.

Michele Watch’s Two Tone Hair ColorMichele Watch two tone hair colorMichele Watch has sported a nice contrast of blonde and dark brown hair colors. The pretty blonde highlights bring out her nice medium skin tone and highlight her face features. The short bob haircut itself looks fantastic and suits her very much.