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The Best Hair Highlights and Trends for 2017

You know the way of changing your look by hair highlights. Those who love to follow the best hair highlights and trends for 2017 we offer a wide range of options that defiantly look lovely and pretty. If you are fond of hair highlights and are eager to pick the best colors and hair highlight solutions we can help you to choose the right option for you.

The Most Popular Hair Color Trends 2016

If you a have already looked for many hair color ideas for 2016 it’s time to see the most popular hair color trends 2016. Here we have collected the latest and the most copied hair colors of celebrities that often sparkle on the red carpet. So, keep on reading to find out the best shade matching your complexion and haircut. Also pay attention to the hairstyles they wear with this or that particular hair color. Let’s go!

Kim Kardashian Espresso Hair Color

This deep brown hair color worn by hot and gorgeous Kim Kardashian is the best choice for brunettes and for dark complexions. If you have such skin tone and eye color you will look perfect with espresso hair color. It has dark shades of brown which shine beautifully bringing out the rich espresso hue. Having it on your long straight hair will make you more attractive and while it has a kind of monotone effect but various shades of brown are quite visible under the light.Kim Kardashian Espresso Hair ColorChrissy Teigen Tortoiseshell Hair Color

This unique hair color sported by Chrissy Teigen is very trendy and is often copied by women with medium to dark complexions. The combination of warm tones like caramel, chocolate, honey and mahogany creates an incredible balanced appearance on her long waves. 

Best Chunky Highlights

Today chunky highlights are quite trendy and common among many celebs. They tend to add more volume, depth and dimension you our hair. There are several slight things to consider before choosing chunky highlights. If you want to learn about the best chunky highlights you are in the right place. Keep on reading and find the best highlights for you.chunky highlights on long straight hair 2016Before picking chunky highlights you should do a thorough research to find out the trendiest and the most suitable options that can go with your complexion. Since trends change almost every year you can look for the freshest images or articles and follow the examples of gorgeous model and celebrities.

Trendy Hair Chalk Ideas

Creative ideas always come into the world of fashion first and then spread on the other fields of our lives. When it comes to hair colors our hairstylists think of the most unique and stylish ideas that can make us look more beautiful. If you are looking for creative hair color ideas then trendy hair chalk ideas are here to amuse you with their simple technique and pretty reflections on hair. So, let’s have a look at them.Trendy Hair Chalk IdeasHair chalking is one of the funny and pleasant ways to get your hair dyed temporary. When you want a new change in your appearance for a special event hair chalks come for help. This is very simple and unlike hair coloring it doesn’t take much time to be achieved. You just need to buy a set of hair chalk with the colors you want to apply on your hair and start this fine process.

Trendy Blonde Hair Colors with Pastel Highlights

Million shades of blonde always go in a competition with each other trying to win the name of the year’s trendiest color. These shades are as awesome as their ways of reflection. One can find as many shades as he/she wants amongst blonde hues. There are great options of light and dark blondes and each match certain complexion.pastel hues Those that have natural blonde hair usually go for different shades of blonde or experiment with subtle highlights. The most fashionable highlights for blonde hair are pastel hues which look very beautiful on light hair. If you have light blonde hair color and want to apply stylish highlights onto it you can try out the following pastel highlights on light blonde hair color.

Blue and Purple Hair Color Ideas

Going for extraordinary hair color transformations becomes more and more common. We see celebrities changing their hair color totally and quite interestingly. Sometimes these changes inspire us and we also want to experiment with sophisticated, cool, unique and artistic hair color. Among these are blue shades along with purple highlights. While pastel hues are perfect for light hair colored women we found out the best cute options for dark hair colored ladies too. In this article you will see great examples of blue and purple hair colors.  blue purple hair colorThis is nice combination of deep blue and deep purple colors that bring a touch of a fairy tale and look wonderful taken together. These hair colors are perfect for braided hairstyles that bring out the cute prettiness of these hair colors.

Vibrant Orange Hair Color

So far we have been referring to many vibrant hair colors and highlights which tend to make your look flashier and more dramatic. For those that are looking for the vibrant orange hair colors we have created a special article where you can find the best shades of orange. This juicy hair color is very bright and looks quite sophisticated. Though there are many hues of orange hair color that are closer to ginger red but like many other artificial pure orange shades also exist. So, if you like this hair color and want to sport it once in your life choose one of these shades an discuss it with your hairstylist whether you can get it or not because orange is not a hue that can go with any hair color 2016Generally orange hair color combined with pale skin tones and light eye colors create an angelic look and bring a touch of a fairy-tale. It seems as if you are pixie run from a wonderful fairy-tale and you are here to spread the joy you have with you.

Stylish Highlights for Brown Hair

If you are already tired of your monotone brown hair you can go for beautiful highlights that can bring life to your locks. Different highlights always tend to make your appearance more attractive and your hair more eye-catching. For those that have brown hair we offer fantastic highlights to warm up and to add a touch of sophistication to it. Here you can also see pictures of stylish highlights for brown hair.

Blonde highlights on brown hairBlonde highlights on brown hairBlonde is the color that can always go with brown shades. You don’t need to go for an entire blonde but adding some light highlights on brown locks can look awesome. You can apply platinum or honey blonde hair highlights on light brown hair color. If you have medium brown hair you’d better pick golden brown or dark blonde highlights. Women that have dark brown locks should avoid light blonde highlights because highlights look nice if applied two shades lighter from your hair color.  

Hair Color Ideas from Ashlee Simpson

American famous singer Ashlee Simpson sometimes amuses us with her hair color makeovers which suit her very much and often provide us with great hairstyle ideas. The shades her hair colorist chooses greatly match her complexion and go with her face features. In this post you can discover hair color ideas from Ashlee Simpson and if you have such complexion as she you can sport some of these shades.Ashlee SimpsonThey say that Ashlee always wanted to differ from her sister due to her own style and way of expression. She wished to be in the center of attention with the styles she creates and with her good skills.

How to Highlight Hair

Everyone knows how trendy hair highlighting technique is. It’s perhaps the most used hair styling method that the majority of women try. Like many other trends this one also has advantages and disadvantages and if you have decided to apply highlights on your hair keep on reading to know how it is done. There are various options in how to highlight hair and we’ll represent the best highlightingFirst of all you are expected to make sure you are not allergic from chemicals. Before applying any hair dye on your hair try to do a 48hours skin test. Apply some dye on your hand and leave it for about 2 days to see it’s reaction. If it won’t harm your skin then you can use hair dye on your hair. But if there is an allergic reaction you should immediately stop the process.

Subtle Rose Gold Hair Color for 2016

The hues of the beautiful rose flower combined with light hair colors are recently used as new hair color options. These subtle tints make can make your look very tender and feminine. They are unique and have different shades for different skin tones. Here you can see pretty rose gold hair colors 2016 which are basically mixtures of pink and red. You may also meet purple-y pink shades which brings a quite fairy touch into your look.Rosie Huntington rose hairCombined with the right cut rose gold can be reflect it’s shades perfectly. So, you can apply it on bob cuts, pixie cuts, on medium length hair, on long layers as highlights making your hair cut fresh and healthy-looking. If you want to match it with a flawless makeup you can use shimmery highlighters and shadows.