The Best Hair Highlights and Trends for 2017

You know the way of changing your look by hair highlights. Those who love to follow the best hair highlights and trends for 2017 we offer a wide range of options that defiantly look lovely and pretty. If you are fond of hair highlights and are eager to pick the best colors and hair highlight solutions we can help you to choose the right option for you.

2017 Awesome Hair Color and Braids Combinations

Crazy unicorn hair colors have taken the world of stylish blogs and websites. Everywhere we see bright, vivid and eye-catching hair color trends combined with fancy hairstyles. This time you will be amused by the beauty of some trendy hair colors and braids for 2017. These combinations are going to inspire particularly women who are fond of stylish braids and plaits.2017 Awesome Hair Color and Braids CombinationsRainbow Braided Hairstyle

The more shades you use to highlight your hair the prettier your braided hairstyles look. In the case of rainbow hair color we meet gorgeous ideas of multi-tone shades and styles. From now on you’ll start thinking only of the stunning rainbow hair colors as a good match for your festive braids. These bright hues are ready to create a party on your head.

Trendy Unicorn Hair Colors 2017

Meet 2017’s biggest hair color trend. it’s the multi-tone or the so-called unicorn hair color idea offered by Lime Crime. This hair dye job is read to brighten up your locks with a trendier touch and effect. Now you can easily get unicorn pastel shades, highlights, brighter tones of rainbow and the like thanks to Lime Crime’s latest beauty products. Let’s take a look at these trendy unicorn hair colors for 2017. You may son say goodbye to your dull shade.unicorn hair colors 2017What is It?

Well, if you don’t know what’s the concept of the unicorn hair color then you are in the right place to discover it. Unicorn hair colors or highlights are known to be rainbow shades with bright and bold touches. They are place on different parts of the hair to create an overall attractive, vibrant and eye-grabbing effect. These hair colors are best achieved with special products and Lime Crime is one of the best places to visit to get the desired. It offers a variety of products for unicorn hair colors and provides you with amazing results.

Most Memorable Hair Colors at Met Gala 2017

There are cases when you turn heads just because of your fresh hair color and stunning hairstyle. Let’s take a look at the most memorable hair colors at Met Gala 2017 to decide whether you rock a trendy shade or not. These celebrities will help you find out many secrets of fancy hair colors. Choose one of these hair colors for your next hair color transformation.Most Memorable Hair Colors at Met Gala 2017Anna Wintour Bronde Hair Color with Highlights

So far we have seen many bronde-haired beauties but Anna Wintour is one of the most stylish and attractive celebs that rocks it with the coolest style. Her subtle highlights add more shine to her hair color and make it sparkle more daintily. Her short bob haircut becomes fresher thanks to this hair color. She is very beautiful and elegant in this style. it suits her age and inspires many women of her age.

Stylish Hair Streaks for 2017

Hair highlights or the so-called hair streaks are the most gorgeous ways to spice up any base hair color. If you are looking for unique and stylish hair streaks for 2017 then check out these fabulous looks. They are going to inspire you to switch up your look with a stunning touch. These hair highlights are flashy and interesting. They are ready to refresh your base shade with a glamorous highlights 2017Faded Rainbow Streaks

If you like rainbow highlights but don’t want to go for too bold styles there is the faded style for you to consider in 2017. What’s it? Well, faded rainbow highlights are the soft pastel shades that go well with most hair colors and tend to add a pop of color keeping everything sophisticated and glamorous. Mix several pastel shades and place them on your hair in a harmonious and well-balanced way. Rock this style in summer because it’s the best season for bright hair colors and matching vibrant makeups.

Milan 2017 Street Style: Trendy Hair Colors

What hair colors do Milan’s fashionistas prefer? We’ll find out it right here and right now. Have a look at the best beauty looks from Milan’s street style and choose hair colors for 2017. Meet your next trendy shade for spring and summer and allow us to inspire by your cool choice.Milan 2017 Street Style: Trendy Hair ColorsSunny Copper Hair Color

Sunny copper? Actually “sunny” are blonde hair colors, but as you see there is a bright shade of copper considered as sunny copper. This red hair color is a fantastic hue for spring and summer. It’s seen everywhere in Milan. Stylists offer to match it with light and medium complexions and lighter eye hues. Depending on the lightness of your skin tone your copper hair can be either too bright or a bit light.

Crazy Dip-Dye Hair Color Ideas 2017

Dip-dye hair colors are either natural-looking or quite crazy and unnatural. This time we’ll speak about the trendiest dip-dye hair colors for 2017. You ma like many rainbow hair colors but dip-dye is something subtler and nicer. There are ideal solutions for any hair color and base shade. Find out yours and enjoy this year with your unique hairstyle.Crazy Dip-Dye Hair Color Ideas 2017Red Dip-Dye Hair Color

Red hair colors are generally combined with black or dark brown hair. They take away the dull effect from black hair and make it brighter, more attractive and glamorous. Have a look at this cutie. She has taken her black hair to the next level with the help of red dip-dye hair color. This will be a hot effect for light complexions. Darker-skinned ladies can experiment with burgundy red shades instead.

Modern Hair Highlights

The ultimate modern hair highlights differ from all you have been trying in previous years. They are fancy and fabulous. Just keep up with the coolest and hottest hair highlights if you want to know what’s new in the fashion world. These are awesome ideas for dark and light hair colors. Start experimenting with trendier hair colors and never look back.Modern Hair HighlightsOil-Slick Highlights

Vibrant, bright and shiny oil-slick highlights are the best for brunettes. They are glamorous and charming. Instead of the monochrome and dull brunette hair colors you should take the first step and opt for rainbow tones. Once you add oil-slick highlights on long brunette hair you make it eye-catching and playful. Try bright blue, purple, red, pink, yellow and other similar tints.

Cutest Hair Highlights for 2017

Time to time highlights are evolved and changed with modern effects. Besides the traditional chunky and slicing highlights there are also balayage, sombre and colombre hair highlights for 2017. Women with strong desired to impress people with their enhanced and shinier hair colors opt for the latest cute hair highlights. If you are one of them, open the doors for the trendiest options of highlights for different base shades.Cutest Hair Highlights for 2017Rainbow Highlights

These are becoming quite requested. Rainbow highlights are one of the most eye-catching solutions for dull hair. They bring life and enhance the beauty of your base shade. Blondes can experiment with pastel tones, while brunettes are welcome to go for darker rainbow shades. You can place them either on the medium parts or on face framing strands. Some like to add these bright shades at the tips.

New Hair Color Trend Ecaille for 2016

While you are looking for the most common hair color trends our smart hairstylists represent the new hair color trend Ecaille for 2016. This is the latest hair coloring technique which provides you with the most fashionable look. Today it is also known as “tortoiseshell technique,” which mainly deals with golden highlights along with caramel and dark tones which bring a touch of glow and sun-kissed effect on your look.ecaille hair colors 2016If you need immediate dimension for your hair this color trend is perfect for you. It is already loved by most celebrities who look fabulous in this style. As 2016 is coming you are supposed to richen your hair color and in this case ecaille hair coloring is a great idea. You can go for the ombre style which dyes your roots in darker and the ends in lighter shades or the popular balayage which creates more natural-looking effect. 

Subtle Highlights for Any Hair Color 2016

Highlights are the easiest ways of bringing some change into your appearance. They are always in thing if you choose the latest options suggested by professional hair colorists. If you are looking for trendy and subtle highlights for any hair color for 2016 then this article will help you get the most suitable highlights for your highlights 2016Jennifer Aniston Blonde Highlights

The hair colorist of Jennifer Aniston has found the best way of bringing out Jenny’s light eye color. Applying sandy to beige highlights on dirty blonde hair color he has got a caramelized blonde shade which works with the complexion of this spiffy celebrity beautifully.