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How often you should Color Your Hair

If you color your hair you should know several tips to care about your fine hair. Since both bleaching and dyeing are potential damagers of your hair you are supposed to be careful while deciding to color your hair. Here we offer the best and essential rules for health coloringGray hair to Dark:

If you have gray hair and dye it into dark shade you need to go for touch ups for about every tree weeks. But don’t forget to use hair color protective shampoos.

Best Summer Protection for Colored Hair

While chemically dying your hair you should care about their protection, if not they will lose their quality soon. It’s more important especially when you dye all your hair and not partially. Here we offer tips that will help you to protect your colored hair from damaging. Moreover they will help you to keep the quality of the hair. During sunny seasons the risk of harming the hair increases. They fade and lose their shine and even become dry. UV rays can be the worst enemy of your hair if you won’t use hair shampoos and conditioners special for summer months, so that they can keep them moisturized and soft.

Hair Color summer

Deep conditioning treatments are demanded especially for your edges and layers. Use them twice a week and you’ll see the amazing result. Another simple method is the use of hats and scarfs during hot days when the rays of the sun burn your scalp. They are useful not only for your colored hair but also for your head. You can brighten your locks by wearing summer hats or styling your hair with protective scarves. Try to use less styling product which can also bring harm. After washing your hair leave them dry naturally and don’t use hair drier.

Hair Color: Two Rules for the Right Choice

Women who have changed their hair color even a little they surely felt the huge difference that it brings. It seems as if you have changed and you are not the same anymore. But perhaps no hairdresser advised you to take colors that will be best for you. So, we are here to offer you two rules for your next hair color to get a stunning and satisfying colorsRule #1: Staying Within Your Natural Color Shade

Perhaps you have dark hair and you want to go for lighter shades. Keep in mind that your hair will look better in case you take 2 or 3 shades lighter than your natural hair color and instead of bleaching and taking white blonde hues. For lighter hair tone sit is again recommended to choose a shade between 2 or 3 tones darker as too dark colors may look odd.