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Get Your Hair Lightened

Women with dark hair color often wish to get light hair color without damaging their hair much. All you need is just visiting a salon and telling what you really want. No matter you take the brightest hair color you can achieve the desired result with a simple hair dying technique. In this case you need to lighten  your hair. If you have dark hair and want to go for a light shade check these great options.light blonde hair color 2016If you are planning to get a light hair color first of all you need to find a professional hair colorist. You’ll surely deal with bleaching and doing it at home won’t be that wise, so visit a salon. Of course you can look for cheaper versions and buy these products from a common beauty store but when used incorrectly you may damage your scalp, your eyes and your skin. So, get a pro to avoid such unpleasant situations.

How to Highlight Hair

Everyone knows how trendy hair highlighting technique is. It’s perhaps the most used hair styling method that the majority of women try. Like many other trends this one also has advantages and disadvantages and if you have decided to apply highlights on your hair keep on reading to know how it is done. There are various options in how to highlight hair and we’ll represent the best highlightingFirst of all you are expected to make sure you are not allergic from chemicals. Before applying any hair dye on your hair try to do a 48hours skin test. Apply some dye on your hand and leave it for about 2 days to see it’s reaction. If it won’t harm your skin then you can use hair dye on your hair. But if there is an allergic reaction you should immediately stop the process.

Cool Hair Color Ideas 2015-2016

One of the easiest and quickest ways of transforming into another lady is hair coloring. Radical hair color change can make your appearance totally different and can highlight your real beauty.  You can make your own style and stand out from the crowd. By your new look you can also inspire many women that are eager for new changes. Today it’s more fashionable to go for half hair coloring instead of entire coloring which keeps hair from damaging. In this case you dye only some part of your hair making tow or tree hair coloring effect which is more attractive than monotone style. Keeping the rest of your hair the way it is you protect it from harmful chemical products that hairstylists used to use. In this article we represent cool hair color ideas 2015-2016 that are easy achieved and don’t demand much money.

Ombre tipsblonde orange ombreThose beautifies that have long hair ombre technique can reflect it’s fine effect on your locks. You can dye the crown part of your hair with one color and starting from middle to the end with another. If you have shorter hair like medium length, it can look like a regular ombre that looks very beautiful. For 2015-2016 take softer and lighter hair colors choosing shades of green, pink or purple. Dye your tips about 5-7 inches with a nice airy hue that is totally differing color from your current hair color.

Summer/Fall Hair Color Issues and Fixes

Summer is here and we are thinking of a good hair color that can go with the season. But if you have decide to spend your summer at the beach or in the swimming pools then you should know that both the rays of the sun and the chlorine make your hair color fade quickly. That’s why we offer you the best summer/fall hair color issues and fixes to know the ways of bringing back your shiny hair color for the next season.

Fried endslight blonde hair colorThis is perhaps the most common issue concerning your hair.  It arises especially during summer months and is dominant on hotter days. If you have dry ends that seem to be fried it means that they have passed through a thorough or too much treatment and styling and now it’s time to bring back their fine look. All they need is some breather. To fix your hair you are supposed to go for a deep conditioning once a week particularly focusing on the edges. 

How to Dye your Hair Pastel

Pastel colors are the trendiest colors for 2016 and they give a wide opportunity for each of us to choose the best hue that can match with our skin complexion. They are perfect options for women desiring for a bright and subtle look. The delicate hues of pastel can make your appearance tenderer and more feminine. The attractiveness they bring into your sparkling look drives us crazy.pastel hair color light blue How fantastic they look just amuses people around you. But the way these fantastic effects are provided by is not clear for everyone. That’s why we had a good research for you to find out the ways how to dye your hair pastel. The shown pictures will help you to orientate which pastel shade you need.

Best Hair Color for Your Eyes

When changing a hair color one of the most important things is your eye color and skin complexion. So far we have been discussing the best shades for each skin tone and now it’s time to pass on eye colors. If you want to know what hair color suits your beautiful eyes keep on reading and learn about the best hair color for your eyes.eye colorOf course it’s obvious that your natural hair color is the irreplaceable color for your eyes. They match each other the way no any other color can. However we sometimes need new changes on our appearance and one of the greatest ways to do so is hair color transformation. Perhaps you have been experimenting with various hair colors but didn’t pay attention to the fact they match with your eye color or not. But the secret to look gorgeous is hidden just here. The depth of your eye color can affect the depth and shade of your hair color. The right chosen hair color first focuses on your eyes, then on your face, expanding your real appearance.

Hair Colors to Cover Grey Hair

It’s a long time we are exploring grey hair and hair colors that can cover this natural shade. Though it is quite fashionable to appear in the public with stylish grey hair but there are many women who tend to cover their grey hair. We can say that compared with brunette hair colors blondes have easier versions of covering their grays due to their light color. Since, darker hair colors like brunettes face some difficulties when grey hair appear on their heads, they start thinking of the best colors that can cover them.  You can use different shades to get a natural looking effect and what are these shades you will learn just here.

Light browns: Light brown hair colors are ideal for covering grey hair as they work with any hair color. You can easily dye your blonde, brunette or red hair with light brown shade and the way it may cover your grays will just amuse you. another alternative is applying light brown highlights just on your grey hair without dying your hair entirely.light brown hair color 2016

Blonde: changing your hair color into blonde is a great way of covering grays because blonde colors tend to reflect lightness more than any other hue. It will help you look younger and these grays won’t be so eye-catching anymore. Of course it’s better to go for blonde if you already have lighter hair color.

From Bleached Blonde to Brunette Hair Color

Being a blonde is a blessing, but being a brunette is a mystery. Brown hair also can look as shiny as blonde hair colors, that; why many women try to find the most impressive browns that can suit their skin tone. Women ready for big changes; this hair color transformation is for you. Bleached Blonde to Brunette Hair Color Kim KardashianIf your current hair color is blonde and you want to go for brunette hair color then keep on reading to discover what shades of brunette are the best choices for your hair.

How to Go from Black to Blonde

Experts prove that it is easier to switch from blonde to black than from black to blonde. Now we’ll discuss the reasons. Generally it is recommended to stick among three shades of your natural hair color for any at-home transformation. If you have light brown hair color you may manage to go blonde at home and if you have black hair you probably can achieve medium brown shade at home. But for the right effect you’d better visit a salon and discuss it with your hair colorFirst step: The first and the most important thing you should understand in hair coloring is how it works. Generally there are counted ten levels of hair color. When buying a hair dye you see various color names but keep in mind that they are just shades of these ten color levels.

10 Questions you should be asked by Your Hairstylist

Before touching your hair each hairstylist is supposed to ask several essential questions concerning your hair. Here we represent 10 questions you should be asked by your hairstylist which will be useful both for you and for your hairstylist. Now, keep on reading to know the right way of caring about your hair.

So, here are the most essential questions:

Happy Young Woman Getting Hair Styled as Updo in Salon     1.How often do you like to get your hair done?

This is important first of all for your hairstylist to know the desired frequency and the need of getting your hair done.