The Hottest Brunette Hair Colors and Trends for 2017

Who says blondes are more attractive? Try out on of the following colors and you’ll see how impressive you become. The hottest brunette hair colors and trends for 2017 are here to give you more touch of femininity and mystery.

2017 Hottest Hair Color Trends for Dark Eyes

When you choose a hair color you must not only take into consideration your desires but also your skin tone and eyes. Even if the chosen hue is your dreamt hair color you must discover whether it goes well with your complexion and eyes or not. Here are the hottest hair colors for dark eyes in 2017. These are the most attractive shades that look gorgeous with black, dark brown and hazelnut eyes.2017 Hottest Hair Color Trends for Dark Eyes Black Hair Color with Dark Eyes

It’s more than obvious that black hair goes well with black eyes. Many brunettes have this natural beauty. It’s a combination between mystery and power. If you have dark black eyes you can dye your hair in black shade. The created mixture goes well with any complexion but is more attractive with pale skin tone. This is one of the hottest hair color ideas that looks awesome with dark eyes.

2017 Inspiring Celebrity Brunettes

Whether you dream of having dark hair or just think of enhancing your current brunette hair color inspired by celebs. Have a look at these brunette stars and learn the best ideas of dark brunette hair colors. Finally, you’ll find your dreamed brunette shade and will become a mysterious stunner like these cool celebrities.brunette celebrities 2017Troian Bellisario Dark Brown Hair with Highlights

Look at Troian Bellisario, who has long dark brown hair and highlights with caramel tints. Caramel warms up her hair color and frames her face with a fresher style. It is obvious that her long layered haircut is the best choice for her. It completes her style and adds more attractiveness.

Hair Color Trends 2016

So far we have been discussing many hair colors suitable for this or that season. This time we’ll speak about all hair color trends Spring 2016. Get prepared for the upcoming colorful and romantic season which brings brightness and charm with it. We all love this season because of it’s luminosity and brightness. When leaves start to change their colors into yellow, red and brown we feel the warms that sounds us and unlike the coldness that is going to come we get pleasure of the Spring. Looking at these hues we can say that spring is the season of warm shades that can be worn on hair. Between these shades we choose yellowish blondes, browns and reddish shades. Now we’ll discuss each of them colors for spring 2016Blonde Hair Colors for spring 2016

If you are blonde and want to change your hair color in spring 2016 you can take several shades of blonde. Dirty, golden, strawberry and platinum blondes are the very shades you are expected to do your choice between.

Best Hair Color Ideas for Long Hair 2016

If you have long hair and want to bring life into it the best way is hair coloring. There are several good options for you and now we will discuss hair color ideas for long hair which you can sport in colors for long hair 2016Balayage and Ombre For Long Hair

These two trendy hair coloring techniques are sometimes confused by each other but actually they are different styles. Balayage looks more natural than ombre and in balayage you won’t see that obvious hair color separation than in ombre style. They both look very glamorous and luxurious on long locks no matter straight or curly.

Hair Color Ideas for Fall 2016

With the changes of weather we think of new hair colors suitable for the coming season. Taking into consideration the fact that summer is coming to it’s end we should look for new hair color ideas for fall 2015. If you want to look refreshed and fashionable at the same time you should go for a shade appropriate for the humid and rainy autumn. This season is very inspiring due to it’s game of different hues which are very beautiful and captivating. So, if you feel that you are going to switch up your shade then consider the following hair colors worn by colors for fall 2016Flaxen Blonde Hair color

This hair color giving some lightness to on the locks and darkness on the roots is very suitable for fall due to the dark golden shade and combined with flaxen blonde. It was experimented by Taylor Schilling, Taylor Swift, Julianne Hough and many others. Flaxen blonde best works with fair complexions and brings out dark eye makeup.

Best Celebrity Hair Colors 2015-2016

Summer is coming closer to it’s final hot days and we keeping our eyes on the fashion changes want to share with you the best celebrity hair colors for 2015 which are going to be trendy in 2016 too. These shades are very seductive and call you to transform your entire look. Follow the rules of the fashion and change your style with a new hair color.

Kim Kardashian Hair Colors 2015Kim Kardashian hair colors for 2015-2016Kim amused us with her new hair colors which include both dark and light shades. We have seen her with platinum blonde and brunette hair colors like dark brown, espresso, black and other shades. Definitely all these hues go with her complexion and highlight her hot look.

Best Dark Hair Colors for Brunettes 2015-2016

Natural brunettes usually have awesome hair colors but sometimes they need some changes in their appearance. In this case other dark hues come to help them and to bring a new touch in their looks. If you are already ready to change your hair color then this fantastic dark hair colors for brunettes 2016 will be useful for your fashionable transformation.

Sable Hair ColorSable Hair ColorDeep sable brown hair color is shiny shade that sparkles on natural brunette hair. It goes with dark and medium complexions with yellowish undertones. You can pre-lighten and tone it with your favorite shade to bring more warmth. For the desired effect you are supposed to neutralize too much warmth.

From Bleached Blonde to Brunette Hair Color

Being a blonde is a blessing, but being a brunette is a mystery. Brown hair also can look as shiny as blonde hair colors, that; why many women try to find the most impressive browns that can suit their skin tone. Women ready for big changes; this hair color transformation is for you. Bleached Blonde to Brunette Hair Color Kim KardashianIf your current hair color is blonde and you want to go for brunette hair color then keep on reading to discover what shades of brunette are the best choices for your hair.

Find the Best Hair Color for You

In this article we want to represent hair colors that match your skin tone. You will have the opportunity of choosing the shade that best works with your skin complexion and eye color. This is the most important thing in hair dyeing. So, there are 4 main types of hair colors: black, blonde, red and colors 2016

Brunettebrunette hair color 2016This hair color tends to look nice on any complexion, however you should choose the shade that is closer to your skin tone. There are many shades of brunette and if you are a natural brunette then all brunette tones can match you. if you are blonde and still want to go for brunette shades, you can just add brunette highlights to your blonde locks. Another alternative can be the ombre technique which allows you to combine blonde roots with brunette edges. In both cases the effect is stunning.

Blondes vs Brunettes: 2016 Hair Colors

Blondes or brunettes? Which are more attractive? This is a question that will never get an answer. Todays; article is devoted to one of the most interesting themes: Blondes vs Brunettes and here we’ll discuss the best examples of your celebrities. Which celebrity which color prefers you will know just here. Keep on reading and discover the most amazing blondes and brunettes.So, if you have decided to change your appearance by changing your hair color the options bellow will help you to find the best 2016 Hair Colors. Some celebrity makeovers can help you find the right color for you.

Dakota JohnsonDakota Johnson Blondes vs Brunettes

Pretty fairy Dakota Johnson however looked fantastic with her glowing blonde look she suddenly appeared with dark brown hair on the red carpet. The result was awesome and amused everyone. Her makeover is meant for the new role in the upcoming interesting movie “Fifty Shades of Grey”.