The Most Impressive Brown Hair Colors and Trends for 2017

Do you want to look more attractive without a huge transformation? We will help you to find your new look that will even amuse the mirror. Here you can find the most impressive brown hair colors and trends for 2017. These options are going to surprise you by their rich shades and hues.

Black and Blonde Hair Color Ideas for 2016

This unique combination of black and blonde colors looks very beautiful and amazing. Totally different colors that make a flashy look are for 2016. This year the most interesting solutions that our smart designers offer differ from each other by their originality. Since multi-tonal hair colors became fashionable this high contrast of black and blonde is one of the bests among them. So, those braves that are ready for radical and unique changes try one of the following Black and Blonde Hair Color Ideas for 2016.Black and Blonde Hair Color Ideas for 2016 for  pixie hairThere are number of ides for this style and a rich palette of colors is offered you. Contrasting the hues of black and blonde or the shades of brown and blonde hair colors will give you a modern and impressive appearance.This dual tone hair color is quite feminine and tender. Black and blonde or brown and blonde have a kind of mysterious touch in them. The blonde highlights that are seen under the black shades make sense. The glamorous and elegant touch is so visible that this contrast looks even attractive.

Chocolate Brown Hair Colors For 2016

Natural hair color is always the most stylish and popular hair trend. When it comes to chocolate, it is also welcome even the hair color. Thus, they are again very hot and common in 2016. Such color looks as tasty as the bar of chocolate, and is a sweet and warm flavor.┬áIf you haven’t dyed your natural hair yet, or want to be more stylish for the coming season, this brown shade is the best choice. It matches all skin complexions and highlights the facial features in a certain natural way.

chocolate hair color

There are a variety of chocolate tones available for each preference and taste. According to the fact, that natural seems to be the way to go in 2016, chocolate tones make a great option, which stretches from light brown to dark chocolate.