The Most Impressive Brown Hair Colors and Trends for 2017

Do you want to look more attractive without a huge transformation? We will help you to find your new look that will even amuse the mirror. Here you can find the most impressive brown hair colors and trends for 2017. These options are going to surprise you by their rich shades and hues.

Stunning Hair Colors of Celebrities on Tony Awards 2016 Red Carpet

We are always inspired by the looks, outfits, makeups and hairstyles of our Hollywood stars. And what about their fashionable hair colors? This time we are going to represent some stunning hair colors of celebrities on Tony Awards 2016 Red Carpet. The fashion show was full of glow, creativeness, tenderness and all ways of attractiveness. Our stars were sparkling with their fantastic outfits and makeups. What refers to their hairstyles and hair colors, we can say that some of them had chosen the best hues of 2016 that suited their complexion and eye color. Among them you can see Kendall Jenner, Jennifer Lopez and Rose Byrne. Now, we’ll discuss each hair shade of these celebs.

Kendall Jenner Dark Chocolate Hair ColorKendall Jenner Dark Chocolate Hair ColorHere you see Kendall Jenner with her gorgeous peachy pink outfit that is matched with dark chocolate brown hair color. She has made a fantastic style by this cute color combination. It best suits with her skin tone and eye color. If you have similar skin complexion you can take this very hair color for your next look.

Two Tone Hair Color: Blonde and Brown

Two tone hair colors are stylish and look stunning enough. Blending brown and blonde hair colors makes a pretty effect that is worn on curly, straight and wavy hair. Our fashionable celebrities try this hair coloring style time to time and among them you can see Sarah Jessica Parker, Jamie Lynn Spears, Maria Menounos,  Leona Lewis, Jessica Simpson,  Kaley Cuoco and Beyonce.

Jessica Simpson looks very nice with brown and blonde hair colors on her straight hair. Blonde chunky layers bring warmth to her brown hair color. These two tones go with her complexion perfectly. If you like this effect you can go for it matching with your skin tone.Jessica Simposn blonde brown two tone hair colorLeona Lewis has chosen the best shades for her complexion. The lighter hues may look dull and not so beautiful if you have such kind of tanned skin complexion. Having them on your curly and long hair you’ll look just as pretty as Leona.

Colorful Highlights on Long Hair

It’s fact that colorful hair grabs more attention than neutral colored hair. Perhaps you have always fascinated with the different hair colors but didn’t have that much courage to dye you hair in a differing color. Colorful highlights are here to help you orientate and decide which colors you want to take for your coming look. If you have long hair and still want to give more attraction to them on of the best ways is to highlight them with several hues.

Blonde And Red hair color

If you think that it’s time for a new transformation, than we are here to offer you the best options for Colorful Highlights on Long Hair. Keep on reading and discover the secret of giving more tenderness to your fine hair.

Best Celebrity Hair Color Options

Perhaps you are one of those stylish women that follow the steps of our pretty celebrities who always try to look stunning and more attractive. If you get inspired by their outfits, hairstyles, hair colors and makeup, you’ll defiantly like our article as it is about Best Celebrity Hair Color Options for you.

Brunette Hair Vanessa Hudgens

It’s obvious that celebrities choose the best and skilled hairdressers for their looks. They best know which color to take to match the skin tone and eye color of their artist. They do their best to make them fabulous and flawless. Color matching is the most important thing in hair coloring. You also should know what colors work with your complexion to look harmonious and fantastic. Here you can see the best matches and will have the chance to choose one that best suits you too.

Hair Color Ideas for Short Hair

Short haircuts look nicer if colored, as hair color can give a fascinating shine and stunning look. If you have short haircut you can easily go for any kind of dyeing that will look fashionable. In this article we are going to offer you several hair color ideas for your short haircut.Long hair as well as short hair demand everyday care and if colored they need touch ups. Each woman knows how important it is to refresh her short haircut to escape hair damages and color fade. You are given a wide range of colors that are suitable especially for short hair. A great effect can provide bold and bright shades of different colors. The best solution for short hair is block shade.short haircutTake into account that regular highlights won’t look as balanced as the use of the so called technique ‘glazing’ which is used where the random layers of the hair are backcombed and the toner is put on the rest of the hair. The effect is quite tender and sophisticated.

Perfect Hair Colors for Tan Skin

If you have pale brown or olive tone skin choosing the perfect hair colors for tan skin is not that difficult. In this article you’ll discover the Perfect Hair Colors for Tan Skin and will have the chance to choose the best option for you. Hair color contrast is always great if you wish to emphasize your beautiful tan and you can go for a bit darker or lighter shades. Depending on your taste and preferences you can take the shades you like. But keep in mind that the hair color that suits your skin tone too close can bring a look which lacks pizzazz and that’s defiantly the thing you escape from.Hair Colors for Tan Skin

Now we’ll discuss the hair colors that match tan skin. First of all you should pay attention to your skin undertone. It’s generally golden or yellow and it has it’s advantages and disadvantages. If you take golden blonde it will give a yellowish effect which won’t look good. But there are many other hues that go with your skin tone.

Latest Hair Color Trends

In this article we are going to help you find the right color for your hair. The represented Latest Hair Color Trends are the most popular and widely used colors that look stylish and fabulous. Our professional hairstylists have collected the best hues and styles for your hair to look original and attractive. Discuss all the suggested hair colors with your hairdresser to find the hue that most suits your skin tone and eye color. Say goodbye to your boring look and color your hair with vibrant and vivid colors. Those who wish to look fantastic and fresh should try one of these gorgeous hair colors. You can inspire people around you with your new look.

Brunette Hair Color

Brunette Hair Color

The newest brunette shades are quite elegant and delicate. For those who are fond of dark hair tints brunette hair color is a good choice. You can take darker shades of chocolate which will make your color shiny and flashy or take the classy walnut shade for your brown hair color. To avoid hair damages use hair protective product and care about your new hair color regularly. Also take into account your skin tone and eye color to be sure which hair color will bet work with them.

5 Bright Styles of Black Ombre Hair

Black ombre is one of the classiest effects among hair coloring styles. Recently it became trendy enough and has millions of fans. Girls like the way it works with their hair and complexion. It allows them express and emphasizesthe hidden beauty of their facial features. The wide variety of color combinations that offers black ombre style amuses us. Here are represented Bright Styles of Black Ombre Hair. Try out one of them and enjoy this fashionable style.

Black to Brown Ombre with Golden Highlights

#1: Black to Brown Ombre with Golden Highlights

Due to the transitional blenchto dark chocolate now we have great opportunities to get fantastic hairstyle by mixing black with lighter hues of medium brown and adding golden highlights. Whether you have your hair loose, wavy, straight or curly they will look fabulous and will show the beauty of your hair color. 

10 Coffee Brown Hair Color Ideas

This best collection of 10 coffee brown hair colors is here for you. If you are a brunette then you should defiantly try one of these amazing colors. They all look gorgeous and taking into account that coffee brown is quite trendy then these examples can be used during the whole 2016 year. Have a look at them and choose the best one for you.

#1: Black Coffee Hair Color with Ombre HighlightsBlack Coffee Hair With Ombre HighlightsBrunettes who are fond of ombre hair can choose this cute color by adding creamy caramel highlights to their hair. Here Elizabeth Gillies enjoys her wavy hairstyle which gives a softer appearance to her pretty face. It goes both with her skin tone and dark eye color.

Hair Color Ideas for Fall 2015

Fall 2015 Hair Colors segregate with their range of shades from vibrant to classy. Depending on your hair type you can take different tones. Take into account that your stylish haircut is not enough for autumn colorful months. You should also think about your new hair color. It’s time to choose the best one from our list. During the rainy months of sweet autumn you can take colors that match the weather. Remember the most important thing before choosing the hair color; it should be suitable for your skin tone and eye color.

Brown Hair color 2015

Inspired by various colors of autumn our designers offer you stunning solutions and ideas for your hair color. Combine 2 hues of blonde and you’ll get a glamorous fine hair color.

Ombre hair color

Take the best of ombre hair colors matching your skin tone. It is hit trend for 2015. Find a professional hairdresser to get amazing ombre hair. You can also try blonde highlights all over your locks. Autumn loves natural colors, so try to look as natural as possible.