The Most Impressive Brown Hair Colors and Trends for 2017

Do you want to look more attractive without a huge transformation? We will help you to find your new look that will even amuse the mirror. Here you can find the most impressive brown hair colors and trends for 2017. These options are going to surprise you by their rich shades and hues.

Bright Brown Hair Highlights

Brown hair color is the color that is always trendy and provides stunning looks due to it’s shine and mysterious shades. Bright brown hair highlights are the most fashionable options for those that love to experiment with the hues of brown. Both celebrities and modern ladies wear this hair color that refreshes the previous looks.Bright Brown Hair Highlights for medium skin toneWomen with brown hair color may need a little change in their appearance and in this case bright brown can be a great idea. If you don’t want a radical change and just wish to highlight your beautiful look you can apply vibrant brown highlights on your layers. For more natural effect you can take closer hue of brown for your hair.

Kim Kardashian Hair Color Makeover

Before writing this article we have been looking for the most amazing hair color makeover of Kim Kardashian. Though she is one of the celebrities that never fail in the changes of their appearance but they also have smashing makeover examples. So, now let’s see what hair color ideas are used by Kim Kardashian.

Natural Hair Color of Kim KardashianKim Kardashian dark hair colorBeing a natural brunette with dark brown hair color Kim Kardashina has experimented different shades of brown closer to her natural hair color. Of course all the versions look nice on her dark hair and compliment her warm skin complexion.

Brown Hair Color Inspiration

The best options of hair colors are always worn by stylish celebrities. Many women get inspired just by the hair colors they experiment and show off during fashion shows. The modern and professional hairstylists try to create the newest versions of already existing hair colors adding nice solutions. This time we will show the brown hair colors of celebrities that are going to inspire you.

Lily Collins Brown Hair Color: Mahogany brownLily Collins Brown Hair ColorLily Collins is sparkling with a mahogany brown hair color on her nice medium length hairstyle. This hair color combined with reddish undertones can suit both warm and fair skin tones. If your hair is short  you can go for a mahogany brown hair color to make your appearance more attractive. For a final look you can add some reddish highlights on the edges.

Best Hair Color for Green Eyes

Those amazingly beautiful green eyes that made us feel the calmness of nature that reflects in human appearance. This harmony should be balanced not only by the nature but also by the changes we do with our look. When choosing a hair color the first thing you should consider is your eye and skin color. According these tones we choose the best shade for our hair. Today we’ll help our green eyed beauties to find out the best hair color for green eyes.Hair Color for Green Eyes blondeAt once we want to say that the worst hair color for green eyes is silver or grey. So, if you have some grey hair you should immediately cover them up. But the best choices are warm golden and bronze hues.  For hazel green eyes it is recommended to take brown hues. However blonde hair color can emphasize the beauty of your light eye color. Those who have freckles on their skin (by the way they look very beautiful) should take the right color to diminish their appearance. The closer shade of chocolate brown can fantastically highlight the shine of your eyes.

Light Brown Hair Colors of Celebrities

What hair colors wear our celebrities when appearing on red carpet, is always interesting, as many of us get inspired by the shades they use to get gorgeous looks. Today we’ll find out which celebrities wear light brown hair colors and, what are the most fashionable browns. They try to be as stunning as possible and their hairstylists do their best to get amazingly beautiful results. So, now let’s discuss these great shades of light brown.

Light Reddish Brown Hair Color Jayma Mays light reddish brown hair colorJayma Mays is one of those that best knows what her suits and what not. This very hues of brown matched with her skin complexion brings out her light appearance making it more beautiful. The fantastic shade of reddish brown hair color loves to catch the rays of the sun and reflect them that way that your head shines fantastically. If you have similar skin tone as Jayma Mays you can try this great light reddish brown hair color during summer months.

Hair Color Ideas for Black Women

You are thinking of the possible hair colors that go with dark skin tone? It’s a bit difficult task if you are not an expert or hairstylist. But perhaps even hairstylist thought only of dark and brown hair colors for black women. We are here to tell you that several shades of blonde, red and ombre can also fantastically suit dark skin complexions. Whatever you do you cannot break down that stubborn brown hair color of nay dark skin tone. But there are some tricks that help us get awesome results and effects of different shades that can change your look beautifully.brown hair color for black womenSo, today I have collected the best hair color ides for black women. Perhaps you already know that before choosing any hair color for your next look you should pay attention to some essential factors like your skin undertone and your eye color. However there are some people who tend to look crazy enough and they choose contrasting colors. Besides considering your skin undertones and eye color women with medium and black skin tones have a variety of opportunities of choosing the best shade for their hair color. Of course the shades of brown are the first options that come to your mind. You can take any shade of brown you want from the lightest hues to the darkest tints. It will look just stunning and very shiny as well as natural enough.

Light Golden Brown Hair Color for Summer 2016

These light golden brown hair colors are perfect options for summer 2016. They are amazingly beautiful and go with these two sunny seasons. Since they easily catch the rays of the sun you can wear them for your hot and warm days if you want to go for a lighter shade. An important thing to keep in mind; while taking this golden brown hair color your hair may be easily damaged by bleaching products for blonde base color. But it’s perfect for those who have warm skin tones like olive skin or mocha African-American complexion. The ideal match can be natural brown hair and if you have natural brown hair you’d better try this fantastic shade at least once in your life.Light Golden Brown Hair Color 2016Most Iranian, Armenian, Italian, Greek, Arab, and Mexican women satisfy the demands of this hair color by their natural brown hair. Since they have warm skin complexion light golden brown hair color can look like a natural hair color on their hair. And those who have tanned skin or got a great tan during summer seasons can choose one shade of light golden brown hair color for autumn months. It will be a wise decision. You’ll look more attractive and it will highlight your stunning tan.

Chestnut Brown Hair Color

Chestnut hair color is a balanced shade that can suite many skin complexions. It looks perfect on natural light to black natural hair colors. There are several ways of getting a chestnut hair shade and to bring it’s real effect. In this article you’ll learn how to get this fantastic shade of brown and what skin complexions work with it. So, if you want to dye your hair in any of chestnut shades, keep on reading. chestnut hair color 2016Pin-straight with a Tan: since chestnut color is a neutral hue it doesn’t grab whole attention for it. It tends to bring out your beautiful tanned or dark skin and to emphasize your pretty face features. It’s a hot and nice color that goes best with tanned skin. If you want to glow with this hair color you are supposed to combine it with a dark eyeliner and dark mascara. Makin your hair pin-straight you will have the ability to illuminate your face. It can structure a beautiful frame around your head.

Best Brown Hair Colors

If you love brown hair color then we have a nice offer for you. Choose one of the brown shades that we are going to show right here. Unlike other hair colors choosing a shade of brown is not that difficult. You just need to search for all the possible hues which are few and find the best shade for your hair.  Brunettes tend to wear different shades of brown during their lifetime. If they don’t go for bleaching and for blonde hair colors then doing regular changes of brown is a good idea. Though women start using this hair color in adult ages but we can see hot lades that love brown shades too. To tell the truth they know the best way of attracting men.

So, what shades of brown hair color can be found in salons?

Natural brown: this is the hair color that generally brunettes have. It is beautiful in it’s way, since brown color tends to transform into lighter shades during years. It is considered to be a neutral color and suits  cool features.Natural brownCaramel Hair Color: natural brunettes may need some changes time to time. Caramel hair color or caramel highlights can be the best choices for the first shades. It brings tenderness and more attractiveness.

15 Best Shades of Chocolate Brown Hair Color

Chocolate brown hair color is the shade that can refresh your look and give you more attractiveness. It best works with tanned skin and green, hazel or brown eyes. Though, if you have a look at all options of chocolate tints, it will be a bit difficult to choose the right shade. Thus, you need to discuss it with your hairstylist. Here are wonderful options of chocolate brown hair color. In this article we will discuss 15 best shades of chocolate brown hair color and you will have the chance to choose the right color for you.

#1: Hot CocoaHot Cocoa Hair Color of BeyonceHere Beyoncé is sparkling with her hot cocoa hair shade. It is a kind of mixture of cocoa and milk. You can get this effect on fair or already bleached hair.