The Hottest Black Hair Colors and Trends for 2017

If you need more natural looking appearance take the best shades of black just looking at the suggested examples. The coolest hues of black can bring you a sophisticated look and a touch of mystery. Just pick the trendiest shades for 2017.

2017 Hottest Hair Color Trends for Dark Eyes

When you choose a hair color you must not only take into consideration your desires but also your skin tone and eyes. Even if the chosen hue is your dreamt hair color you must discover whether it goes well with your complexion and eyes or not. Here are the hottest hair colors for dark eyes in 2017. These are the most attractive shades that look gorgeous with black, dark brown and hazelnut eyes.2017 Hottest Hair Color Trends for Dark Eyes Black Hair Color with Dark Eyes

It’s more than obvious that black hair goes well with black eyes. Many brunettes have this natural beauty. It’s a combination between mystery and power. If you have dark black eyes you can dye your hair in black shade. The created mixture goes well with any complexion but is more attractive with pale skin tone. This is one of the hottest hair color ideas that looks awesome with dark eyes.

Black and Burgundy ombre Hair Colors

Burgundy is a deep red or plum hair color the name of which comes from the popular Burgundy wine. That’s why this color is sometimes called wine red too. It is closer to dark red shades like cordovan, maroon and oxblood. As a hair color burgundy is very rich in shades and looks fantastically beautiful matched with dark complexions. This is the main reason why burgundy hair color is usually combined with dark shades like dark brown or blacks. The perfect matching perhaps is black and burgundy ombre about which we are going to speak in this and burgundy ombre 2016You will not find lighter shade of burgundy because it’s dark and very bold. The combination of black and burgundy is just breathtaking and very refined. Celebrities like Ariana Grande, Demi Lovato and Selena Gomez. It’s the best choice especially for dark skinned women. If you have dark complexion you can dye your hair with monotone burgundy hair color, but if you want something more delicate we offer you go for black and burgundy ombre. To get it you need to dye your roots black shade and the ends burgundy hue.

Get the Snow White Look by Black Hair Color in 2016

The surprising tendency of wearing black hair color amused us especially when we saw so many cases of fair skin toned women with jet black hair. Perhaps one of the reasons is the movies where we see celebrities in the role of the fiery Show White who always appears with fair skin and black hair color. Anyway, this mysterious and hot shade is very trendy in 2016 and if you, too, are inspired by it, look at these examples and choose a style to copy.snow white black hair colors 2016Snow White Beauty Lily Collins Black Hair Color

Lately we saw Lilly in the role of the Snow White where she successfully created one of the best characters for the Snow White. The appearance was achieved due to her fair skin, dark black eyes and brows, raven hair color and of course red lips. This real look of a fairy tale princess suited her so much that we were already used to see her with it. Honestly I love her look very much.

Black Hair Coloring Ideas

Black hair is never boring and if care about it’s healthy and stylish look our surely be very alluring. There are various ways of adding fascination to your monotone black hair. You can show off your own taste and personality due to your hair color and if you have chosen black hair color then it’s time to refresh it with the help of the black hair coloring ideas found here. These are the best ways of highlighting your beautiful black hair or using black hair color in different hair coloring 2016Under-layers black hair color

If you have another hair color and want to make it more eye-catching black hair color is a good choice. You can have your under-layers dyed with black hair color and it will bring out your face features. This hair coloring looks nice both on short and long hairstyles and if style a ponytail these black under-layers will thank to you for showing them off beautifully.

Beach Hair Colors 2016

The hottest month of summer is coming and what hair colors wear stylish women on the beach in 2016 you will learn just here. Everyone knows about the rich and luxurious Ibiza beach where the youth full of energy spends summer. It’s one of the most alluring beaches providing you with miraculous services and with the best rest ever. Here come people all over the world and love to party till the end of their holiday. During these parties ladies love to appear with fresh and alluring hair colors. Now, we’ll discuss these hair colors and we recommend you to pay attention to the hairstyles too.beach hair colors2016Sun-Kissed Blonde and Light Brown

Women with medium skin tones choose hair colors that can warm up their complexion. Between blonde shades you can take sun-kissed blonde which is a very shiny and sparkling hue. It looks nice with boho waves which can be styled in simple hair styling ways. Another great alternative is light brown hair color with some dark blonde highlights which bring not only dimension but also make your hair look healthy.

Trendy Shades of Blue Hair Color

Blue hair color is  very flexible and eye-catching which finds matching with light complexions as well as with dark skin tones. It’s a very subtle and “peaceful” hue that has an ethereal touch in it. But before dyeing your hair with this color you should know which shade to take to look nice with. We represent the trendy shades of blue hair color and if you have decided to wear this hue choose the best shade for you just hair colors 2016Since blue has many shades from darkest to the lightest the opportunities of wearing this hair color expands both for light and dark complexions. Obviously dark skin toned women can take darker shades and light skin toned ladies will look great with light blue shades. It suits every haircut, so if you have short hair you may dye it with a monotone blue hue and if you have long hair you may go for blue ombre or may prefer two or three tone hair coloring. Blue highlights are also very fashionable these days and approximately you can take deep shade for dark hair and light shade dye for lighter hair colors. I am sorry to tell that blue hair color doesn’t make a nice matching with red shades, so redheads may avoid this shade.

Black and Red Hair Color Ideas

Nutty looks that are provided by extravagant hair color combinations that are waiting for our brave and crazy women  ready to do radical changes on their appearance. In this article we’ll speak about the mad combination of red and black hair colors that inspired many women. The shown examples will prove how attractive red and black combo looks on hair. They are the colors that go both with fair skin tones and with warm complexions without asking any eye color. If you need a dramatic transformation that will help you stand out from the crowd red and black hair color options are here for and red hair colorHalf Black -Half Red Hair Color

As you see this experiment worked well bringing out absolute red and black hair colors dividing hair into two equal parts. It looks nice both on long curly hair ad on medium length straight hair bringing out the real shades of black and red. 

10 Black and Blonde Hair Color Ideas

If you are thinking of a contrasting hair color then the perfect option is blonde and black. These two hair colors go in a total contrast bringing out a crazy look. There are variety of hairstyles for blonde and black hair colors. Though we can’t find many shades of black but blonde really offers a wide range of  nice shades that differ from each other by their lightness or brightness. Now, we’ll discuss 10 black and blonde hair color ides that can give you a nice opportunity of choosing the best contrasting version for you.

Black and Blonde Ombre on Long Hair

Ombre is one of the best techniques when it comes to two-tone hair colors. Here you see black and blonde ombre style on long wavy hair and we can say that this one of the best results of blonde and black on long hairstyles. The black roots emphasize the beauty of fair face and the ends make the entire style softer.
black and blonde ombre hair 2016Black Roots and Platinum Blonde Hair Color

This effect looks so nice because of the right chosen combo and nice hairstyle. The beautiful waves allow the shades of blonde sparkle and the black roots bring a fresher appearance. it is well-combined with warm skin tone. The black hair color goes with dark smoky eyes and the blonde hair color lightens up the warm complexion. 

Katy Perry’s Hair Color Makeovers

We often refer to the fashionable hair colors of our Hollywood celebrities. This time we will discuss  Katy Perry’s hair Color Makeovers and the dramatic hair colors she chooses for her huge transformations. It’s a long time ewe are following Katy’s incredible changes and her hair color makeovers. The first fact that can surprise many of us is that her natural hair color is blonde. It’s really incredible. How she turned into the recent hues is quite interesting. So, let’s look at the pictures and see what hair colors has experimented Katy Perry so far.Katy Perry hair colors

Katy Perry Blonde Hair Color: As we have already mentioned, Katy Perry’s natural hair color is blonde. This cute hair colors suits her very much and makes her more delicate. As it’s her natural hair color it defiantly suits her skin complexion and eye color.  Wearing blonde on wavy medium length hair she looks quite pretty. Her hairstylist used the mixture of highlighting and ombre techniques to get this fantastic effect. She has her roots in lighter shades of blonde and the locks in golden hues of blonde. If you feel that this hair color goes with your skin tone you can also experiment it.

Find the Best Hair Color for You

In this article we want to represent hair colors that match your skin tone. You will have the opportunity of choosing the shade that best works with your skin complexion and eye color. This is the most important thing in hair dyeing. So, there are 4 main types of hair colors: black, blonde, red and colors 2016

Brunettebrunette hair color 2016This hair color tends to look nice on any complexion, however you should choose the shade that is closer to your skin tone. There are many shades of brunette and if you are a natural brunette then all brunette tones can match you. if you are blonde and still want to go for brunette shades, you can just add brunette highlights to your blonde locks. Another alternative can be the ombre technique which allows you to combine blonde roots with brunette edges. In both cases the effect is stunning.