2017 Caramel Brown Hair Colors: Celebrity Looks

Caramel brown hair colors and highlights have been popular for a long time and they will continue to remain big trends in 2017 too. If you are a natural brunette who wants to lighten up her shade you can opt for a caramel brown hue. Blondes who want to darken and warm up their hair color can also rock caramel brown hair colors in 2017. These lovely celebrity looks will give you the best ideas on how to deal with caramel shades.2017 Caramel Brown Hair Colors: Celebrity LooksJessica Alba Caramel brown Hair Color

Jessica Alba is one of the hottest brunettes in Hollywood. Her hair color and hairstyle ideas are copied by many of her fans. She always chooses natural-looking shades and highlights to beautify her brunette hair. As for her caramel brown shade, she has combined it with an ombre effect to make her hairstyle trendier. This warm combination of hues goes well with her tanned skin and brown eyes.Jessica Alba caramel brown hair color 2017Hilary Swank Caramel Brown Hair Color

A monotone shade of caramel brown is worn by Hilary Swank. This fabulous lady inspires many women of her age with her elegant style and posh hairstyles. Her neat and soft caramel brown hair color looks very natural with her eyes. It brings out her light skin tone and doesn’t allow her to look washed out.Hilary Swank Caramel Brown Hair ColorBeyonce Caramel Brown Hair Color

Beyonce has warm skin tone therefore she can easily wear caramel brown hair color and look natural. Her choice is rather eye-catching and shiner than the rest of options. This tone of caramel makes her brown eyes pop out and creates balance with her complexion. black women with warm undertones can rock this warm caramel brown hair color in 2017.Beyonce Caramel Brown Hair ColorEva Mendes Caramel Brown Hair Color

Take an example from Eva Mendes if you have medium skin tone and brunette hair. Her choice is a mixture of warm chocolate brown and caramel, which has provided her with a stunning look. Opt for caramel brown and chocolate hair if you think you need a richer and fancier brunette hair color.Eva Mendes Caramel Brown Hair ColorKate Beckinsale Caramel Brown Hair Color

Finally, here is my favorite caramel-haired beauty. It’s Kate Beckinsale with her gorgeous wavy hairstyle sparkling in caramel brown shades and highlights. Her caramel hairstyle is the most popular for the moment. It is often seen on the red carpet copied by other celebrities and models.