Best Dark Hair Colors for Brunettes 2015-2016

Natural brunettes usually have awesome hair colors but sometimes they need some changes in their appearance. In this case other dark hues come to help them and to bring a new touch in their looks. If you are already ready to change your hair color then this fantastic dark hair colors for brunettes 2016 will be useful for your fashionable transformation.

Sable Hair ColorSable Hair ColorDeep sable brown hair color is shiny shade that sparkles on natural brunette hair. It goes with dark and medium complexions with yellowish undertones. You can pre-lighten and tone it with your favorite shade to bring more warmth. For the desired effect you are supposed to neutralize too much warmth.

Charcoal Hair ColorCharcoal Hair Color 2016This is a multi-tone effect that has many shades of charcoal. It’s similar to common black hair but looking closer at it you’ll catch the various shiny shades of grey, deep cobalt blue and smokey taupe which bring a mysterious touch to your fine hair. It best works with olive skin complexions.

Espresso Hair ColorEspresso Hair Color 2016The bold hues of espresso matching with olive skin tones can highlight the shine of your hair and your dark eyes. Natural dark hair can easily catch it and reflect perfectly. Making pretty waves your locks will have an incredible look.

Ink Hair ColorInk Hair Color 2016Inky black shade is perfect for yellow or olive complexions. It includes bold blue hues that can be easily achieved on dark hair colors. The ideal haircuts for this color compile long hairstyles that best reflect these fantastic inky shades.

Cashmere Hair ColorCashmere Hair Color 2016A delicate and soft look can provide cashmere brown hair color. It goes with olive skin tones and can be achieved by medium dark hair. It’s perfect especially on sleek hairstyles.

Neutral Black Hair ColorNeutral Black Hair Color 2016This cute black bob is perfect jut with the shade of neural black. It suits with porcelain skin highlighting the beauty of your complexion. It’s an easy achieved hair color that can change your entire look.

Deep Gold Hair ColorDeep Gold Hair Color 2016If you take the boldest shade of gold you’ll get this fascinating effect. It’s quite shiny and attractive. It differs from other golden hues with it’s metallic effect. It goes with peachy complexion and can be achieved by on medium light hair.

Chocolate Hair ColorChocolate Hair Color 2016Chocolate brown hair color is a sweet shade that suits peachy complexions. It’s a combination of dark and milk chocolate brown shades. This rich hair color looks monotone but you can see different shiny shades under the rays of the sun.

Nutmeg Hair ColorNutmeg Hair Color 2016This is a warm brown hair color with rich red tones. The reddish undertones work with yellowish complexions and can be easily achieved by medium dark hair. Combining it with dark brow eye color will make the best match.

Toffee Hair ColorToffee Hair Color 2016Very subtle look can provide toffee hair color with an ombre technique. It suits with yellowish complexions and is best achieved by medium dark hair. Perhaps this is one of the softest shades among so many dark hair colors.