2017 Inspiring Celebrity Brunettes

Whether you dream of having dark hair or just think of enhancing your current brunette hair color inspired by celebs. Have a look at these brunette stars and learn the best ideas of dark brunette hair colors. Finally, you’ll find your dreamed brunette shade and will become a mysterious stunner like these cool celebrities.brunette celebrities 2017Troian Bellisario Dark Brown Hair with Highlights

Look at Troian Bellisario, who has long dark brown hair and highlights with caramel tints. Caramel warms up her hair color and frames her face with a fresher style. It is obvious that her long layered haircut is the best choice for her. It completes her style and adds more attractiveness.dark brown hair color 2017Emma Watson Reddish Brown Hair Color

Emma Watson has always done hair color decisions between the softest brown hair colors. Her light reddish brown compliments her light face and skin tone and goes well with her eyes. Light auburn is a glam shade for her. It is ideal on this sleek and elegant hairstyle, which brings out her facial features. Being a medium-brunette star, Emma Watson looks very soft and ravishing.reddish brown hair color 2017Lorde Chocolate Brown Hair Color

Warm chocolate brown curls are not that common, we usually see natural curls in darker hair colors. Lorde has discovered the best brunette hue for her curls and skin tone. It highlight the lightness of her complexion and makes her curls shiner and cuter. Whenever you are tired of your dull and faded brunette curls, just enhance them with the warm and glossy chocolate brown hair color like Lorde.brown hair color 2017Jordin Sparks Brunette Ombre Hair Color

Leaving alone Jordin Sparks’s brunette to caramel ombre hair color I offer her brunette to red ombre shade. This amazing combination works with dark skin tones and dark eyes. It is harmonious with her long natural curls. You can copy this style in 2017 if you seek for a nice transformation for your dark mane. Many black women can highlight their hair with reddish ombre tints and create fascinating looks.Jordin Sparks brunette ombre hair color 2017Shailene Woodley Golden Brown Hair Color

Slicing brown highlights and glossy golden brown shade create a rich and shiny effect on sleek hairstyles. Shailene Woodley sparkles with her softness and femininity even in short haircuts. This astounding and delightful hairstyle is a boyish one but it looks so cute because it is worn by Shailene Woodley. If you have decided to wear a pixie haircut then don’t forget to discuss this look with your stylist. It may be the best one for you.