Trendy Chocolate Brown Hair Color Ideas

Thinking of a subtle and sweet chocolate hair colors we imagine something very deep and dark. But if we take into consideration that in hair coloring shades may vary from light to dark hues we can find some chocolate brown hair colors that look pretty enough and bring a mysterious touch in our appearance.chocolate brown hair 2016Due to it’s warmth and natural looking shades chocolate brown hair color has captured our hearts and dyeing our hair with it we feel more confidence and femininity. Since brown is a natural hair color refreshing it with chocolate shades will be great for women who also have appropriate complexion. This hair color goes with many complexions and if chosen right you will have balanced and awesome look.Chocolate brown  Hair Color idea It has nice shine and even if colored as a monotone hair color you’ll feel the different shades it provides for your hair. Of course it will be easier to get a smashing result on healthy hair than on damaged and dry hair. You can match several skin tones with chocolate brown hue.Chocolate Hair ColorThe incredible transformation that this hair color can bring to lighter complexions will just amuse you. And though it best works with warm skin tones like tanned skin but it can also with fairer skin tones. Lighter shades of chocolate brown are perfect for fairer skin tones and darker shades look harmonious with darker skin tones. It can be achieved on nay haircut including short, long, medium, wavy, curly or straight. If you have fair skin tone and want to experiment with chocolate brown hair color you may also like the idea of highlighting it with dark blonde shades. But if you have tanned skin tone you may add caramel highlights. Highlights tend to make your hair look more voluminous and bring depth and more texture. As it brings out your face features you should choose the right shade for your complexion and of course apply it on the right haircut suitable for your face frame. What concerns eye color we can say that it suits with dark eye colors like hazel, brown and black. Lighter eye colors may also look so nice with dark brown hair colors in some cases.Chocolate brown hair color 2016

Chocolate Brown Hair Color With Fair Skin

Chocolate Brown Hair Color With Highlights

Chocolate brown hair colorAfter dyeing your hair with any shade of chocolate brown it is recommended to do regular touch ups especially if you applied highlights closer to your hair color. To keep their hue and shine use hair color protective products.Chocolate Brown Hair Color2016

chocolate brown hair for fair skin

chocolate brown hair with chunky caramel highlights

Chocolate brown hair with highlights

Chocolate Brown Hair2016