Most Popular Brown Hair Color Ideas

There are millions of attractive brown hair color ideas on the rich hair color palette but some shades are more popular than others. Have a look at the most popular brown hair colors and pick up new shades to enhance your brunette hair or to change up your blonde hue. These are the freshest and shiniest tones of brown with rich touches.Most Popular Brown Hair Color IdeasGolden Brown Hair Color

The first brown shade is the golden brown with its light and dark game of hues. This glossy hair color is among the most demanded shades in salons. Women with medium to tan complexions pick golden brown to match with their skin tones. If you have tanned skin tone and want to make it even more sparkling then the fresh and rich golden blonde could be the best choice.  Most Popular Brown Hair Color Ideas 2017Caramelized Brown Hair Color

Almost all caramelized shades are in thing these days. It’s quite easy to add a soft effect and warm up base hair colors with caramel hues. They are rich and very warm. Many women choose caramel hues for their base brown shades. This is a cool way of highlighting brunette hair and darkening up dirty blonde locks. The best part about it is that it’s usually used as a balayage hair color and tends to look natural.Light Brown Hair Color

Do you want to lighten up your dark brunette hair? Take into account the ravishing light brown hair color. It differs from the rest of brown tones with its subtle shine. While other tones have deep gloss light brown is subtler and cuter. It’s a perfect option for medium to tan skin tones. You can combine it with hazel, green and brown eyes.Most Popular Brown Hair Color Ideas 2017Reddish Brown Hair Color

There is a mystic sense in reddish brown hair colors. They are neither pure reds nor pure browns that’s why women with light to dark skin consider them as hot hair color trends for 2017. If you decide to rock a stunning brunette hairstyle with reddish undertones then you should opt for this very hue. It’s obvious that you won’t find any other hot and rich tone of reddish brown than this.reddish brown hair color 2017Ash Brown Hair Color

Light, medium or dark ash brown has a variety of tones to offer you. It’s a fabulous hair color especially for medium skin and light eyes. Depending on the darkness or lightness of your complexion you can dye your hair in a light or dark ash brown hair color consulting with a professional colorist beforehand.