Light Brown Hair Colors of Celebrities

What hair colors wear our celebrities when appearing on red carpet, is always interesting, as many of us get inspired by the shades they use to get gorgeous looks. Today we’ll find out which celebrities wear light brown hair colors and, what are the most fashionable browns. They try to be as stunning as possible and their hairstylists do their best to get amazingly beautiful results. So, now let’s discuss these great shades of light brown.

Light Reddish Brown Hair Color Jayma Mays light reddish brown hair colorJayma Mays is one of those that best knows what her suits and what not. This very hues of brown matched with her skin complexion brings out her light appearance making it more beautiful. The fantastic shade of reddish brown hair color loves to catch the rays of the sun and reflect them that way that your head shines fantastically. If you have similar skin tone as Jayma Mays you can try this great light reddish brown hair color during summer months.

Light Brown Hair with Chunky Blonde Highlights

light brown hair color of  Jennifer Lopez

light brown hair color of Jennifer Lopez

This awesome look of Jennifer Lopez just captures our attention with it’s attractiveness. The rich hair color palette of blonde allowed her go for nice chunky highlights that make her fine hair more voluminous. The chosen shades of brown best work with her warm complexion and make her look tenderer. Dying the roots darker brown and the locks in lighter shades Jennifer’s hairstylist created an awesome effect that can be worn by many warm skin toned women.

Light Brown Ombre

Olivia Wilde light brown ombre hair color

Olivia Wilde light brown ombre hair color

The golden shine of Olivia Wilde’s locks work with her beautiful green eyes the way as if they are created to complete each other. The used ombre technique created a trendy and cool effect. Olivia has her roots in dark brown shade and her locks in golden brown color. Besides looking beautiful this hair color also works with her stunning skin tone.

Light Brown Hair Color with Caramel Highlights

Jessica Alba light brown ahir color 2016

Jessica Alba light brown ahir color 2016

Light brown combined with caramel highlights is the best choice for olive skin toned women. Perhaps the hairdresser of Jessica Alba is well-aware of right skin complexion and hair color matching that’s why the provided effect is one of the superb looks. These subtle caramel highlights on Jessica’s medium length wavy hair make her pretty face more delicate. It also goes well with her dark sparkling eyes.

Light Brown Hair Color with Dark Golden Blonde Highlights

Jessica Biel light brown hair color 2016

Jessica Biel light brown hair color 2016

Look at this gorgeous look and face expression of Jessica Biel. She knows the secret of looking as attractive as she needs. Probably her hairstylist worked hard to create this awesome effect of light brown hair color. It won’t be so pretty without those incredibly glowing dark golden blonde highlights. They go with her nice green eye color and with her warm skin tone.