Dark Hair Color Ideas 2015-2016

Darker hair is usually more mystical and makes women hotter. It’s easy to achieve a nice dark hair color especially if it’s a simple monotone effect. It also allows you add subtle highlights whenever you want to refresh it’s look. Those that already have brown or darker hair colors going for dark hues can be easier. Redheads and blondes can choose one of these dark hair color ideas 2015-2016 matching their complexion.

Trendy Jet Black Hair ColorTrendy Jet Black Hair Color 2016The darkest shade among all dark hair colors is jet black that is very luxurious in spite it’s simple effect. It has a kind of shiny look shade that reminds of fresh and glossy bitumen. It is worn by many celebrities and is loved by most brunettes as well as by blondes. It works best with white to olive skin tones and goes with almost all haircuts.Dark Brown HairDark Brown Hair 2015-2016Dark brown hair color that is also met as a natural hair color is very tender and simple-looking highlighting your face features and eye color. Many brunettes have just this very shade as a natural hair color but those that have light skin and eye color can go for dark brown hair color to emphasize the lightness of their complexion.

Dark Ombredark Ombre 2016As you know ombre is one of the most fashionable hair coloring techniques and you can see many options of dark ombre that go especially with darker to medium skin toned women. Instead of getting this effect at home it is recommended to visit salon not to fail the result.

BalayageBalayage hair 2016This dark hair color started it’s popularity in Paris in 1970’s. Today it’s even more popular than ever. Celebrities like Jessica Alba and Cameron Diaz loved to sport a nice hue of balayage. Like dark ombre balayage goes with dark to medium skin tones.

BrondeBronde hair 2016Bronde is a dark hair color idea that is a mixture of blonde and brunette closer to dark brown and since brown is dominant bronde looks darker. Some subtle blonde shades add depth and dimension to your hair. It became popular in 2017 due to Brazilian supermodel Gisele.

Chestnut Brown Hair ColorChestnut brown 2016Like dark brown hair color shades of chestnut are also met as natural hues. It’s lighter shade of brown that has various brown shades that can show off their color game only under the rays of the sun. Chestnut hair dye is a color that demands less touch ups unlike other dark shades.

Reddish Brown HairReddish brown hair 2016Dark Brown Hair Color on Wavesdark brown hair color 2016Black Red Hair Color
black red hair color 2016
Brown Hair with Caramel HighlightsBrown hair with subtle caramel highlights