Stylish Ash Blonde Hair Color

You see how fashionable this ash blonde hair color is? It allures many celebrities and of course many stylish women. This is a nice shade of blonde that doesn’t say “hello” to common blonde hues. It has it’s style and it’s way of reflection complimenting different skin tones.  So far brighter shades of blonde were rocking but it’s time for lighter and cooler shades of blonde that make your face milder and more delicate lightening up your complexion. Usually baby blonde is the name given to this hair color as it is often seen on babies’ hair. Before going for ash blonde hair color, decide which shade you want and refer to a qualified hair colorist to get the desired effect.ash blonde hair color 2016Many light shades of blonde are mistaken with this hair color but this is atypical hair color that many light skin tone babies have. There are few shades of ash blonde including light ash blonde, dark ash blonde, platinum blonde, golden ash blonde (warmer shade) and light sandy blonde. Ash blonde is met between shades of light yellow and whitish. It is best achieved due to the low levels of melanin. It’s perfect for pale skin tone with peach and gold complexions. The best hair colors for ash blonde are green, light brown, hazel and greenish blue.ash blonde hair color on pixie cutAfter dyeing your hair with ash blonde you can apply several highlights to make your look more attractive. Since contrast can bring an eye-catching effect you can add brown, copper or darker shade of blonde hair colors.Taylor Swift ash blonde hair colorMany hairstyles go with ash blonde hair color and if you have long, medium or short haircut you can take any shade of ash blonde that goes with your complexion. It looks nice both on long straight layers and on wavy beachy hairstyles. It is pretty on pixie cuts as well as on bob hairstyles.  Don’t forget about touch ups to keep the color from fading. The represented pictures will help you decide which shade of ash blonde you want.

Light Ash Blonde Hair Colorlight ash blonde hair colorDark Ash Blonde Hair Colordark ash blonde Angelina Jolie 2016Platinum Ash Blonde Hair ColorPlatinum ash blonde hair color