Perfect Hair Colors for Tan Skin

If you have pale brown or olive tone skin choosing the perfect hair colors for tan skin is not that difficult. In this article you’ll discover the Perfect Hair Colors for Tan Skin and will have the chance to choose the best option for you. Hair color contrast is always great if you wish to emphasize your beautiful tan and you can go for a bit darker or lighter shades. Depending on your taste and preferences you can take the shades you like. But keep in mind that the hair color that suits your skin tone too close can bring a look which lacks pizzazz and that’s defiantly the thing you escape from.Hair Colors for Tan Skin

Now we’ll discuss the hair colors that match tan skin. First of all you should pay attention to your skin undertone. It’s generally golden or yellow and it has it’s advantages and disadvantages. If you take golden blonde it will give a yellowish effect which won’t look good. But there are many other hues that go with your skin tone. The best method to fight golden undertones is the use of reddish base on your hair. They will neutralize the golden or yellow skin undertone and you won’t look unhealthy or dull.  The next good idea for tanned skin is the highlighting from auburn, mahogany to chestnut or dark golden brown. For more risky change you can try burgundy. If you want highlights we can offer you the shades of copper and cinnamon that help show off your natural beauty.Best Hair Color for Tan Skin

Best Hair Color for Tan Skin 2016Cooler colors can be easier choices for tan skin tones but there are warmer colors that also give a fantastic effect. Among these colors you may pick mahogany, toffee or maple brown.Best Hair Color for Tan Skin 2016

Best Hair Color for Tan Skin tanAnd if you want to darken your layers the best option is inky black with darker tones of espresso which will help your skin brighter and give you a mysterious appearance.  Hair Color Ideas for Tan Skin

Best Hair Color for Tan Skin coolThink of rich colors both warm and cool. For example dark auburn brown and warm mahogany can perfectly go with your complexion. But perhaps you are closer to blonde; in this case avoid golden blonde or beige blonde. To balance the golden tones of your skin you just need to dye your hair with strawberry blonde that has a touch of red hue or warmer champagne.  Best Hair Color for Tan Skin short hair

Hair Color Ideas for Tan Skin 2016

Hair Color Ideas for Tan Skin 2016Now, you already know which hair colors suit your skin tone. Choose the best version that is closer to your taste.