Perfect Dark Blonde Hair Color

Many people experiment with several dark shades of blonde but there are cases when the desired effect is failed because they haven’t chosen the perfect dark shade of blonde. In this article you’ll find the perfect dark blonde hair color.

First of all you should know whether dark blonde goes with your complexion or not. Actually it’s a quite flexible hair color and goes with many skin tones and eye colors.dark blonde hair colorSince there are various shades of blonde form the lightest to the darkest you are supposed to know which tone goes with your skin. If you have dusky skin tone and dark eye color you’d better take the darkest blonde shade, because lighter hues may destroy your natural appearance. If you have fair skin tone and light eyes you can go for lighter shades of blonde.

Celebrities with perfect dark blonde hair color: Many celebrities love to play with blonde hair color choosing the shades that complement their complexion. Among these celebs you can see Sharon Stone, Scarlett Johansson, Jennifer Aniston, Tyra Banks, Beyoncé, Tyra Banks and many others that are always rock with their blonde hair colors.

Anna Lynne Mccord Cute Blonde Hair ColorAnna Lynne Mccord Blonde hair colorNicole-Richie Pretty Blonde Hair ColorNicole-Richie dark blonde hairBeyonce Flaxy Toffee Blonde Hair ColorBeyonce  flaxen toffee blonde hair colorThe ideal shades of dark blonde are yellowish golden blonde, dark caramel hair color, dark honey hair color, flaxen toffee, dark sandy blonde and bright amber.

Scarlett Johansson Blonde Hair ColorScarlett Johansson blonde hair colorNice Honey Blonde Hair Color05/03/2008 - Christina Ricci - 7th Annual Tribeca Film Festival - "Speed Racer" Premiere - Arrivals - Borough of Manhattan Community College, Tribeca Performing Arts Center - New York City, NY, USA - Keywords: Christina Ricci, tattoo, tat - False -  - Photo Credit: Janet Mayer / PR Photos - Contact (1-866-551-7827)Two Toned Hair: Dark blonde roots and light blonde edgesTwo toned hair color blondeIf you like one of these hair colors you can discuss it with your hairstylist to know whether it suits you complexion or not. Another way of deciding whether dark blonde works with your face and skin tone you can try a virtual make virtual makeover machine where you can upload your photo and try different shades of blonde.  After dyeing your hair don’t forget to use hair color protective products. To keep the shiny and healthy look of your hair you are supposed to do regular touch ups (at least once a month) as blonde is an easy fading hair color.