Latest Blonde Hair Colors

Fantastic blonde hair colors are always in thing and inspire many of us. They look so feminine and tender that you enjoy the attractiveness they bring. There are light and dark shades of blonde each matching certain skin tones and the latest blonde hair colors offer more varieties of getting smashing looks. So, check these shades of blonde and choose the most suitable hue for you.

Blush Blonde Hair ColorBlush Blonde Hair ColorWomen that have fair skin tone can go for blush blonde hair color that has some strawberry undertone combined with golden highlights. It adds some warmth to your pale face and makes you more attractive.

Vanilla Blonde Hair ColorVanilla Blonde hair colorThe lightest shade of blonde is considered to be vanilla blonde. It is closer to baby blonde and if you want to wear this hue you should know that it demands touch ups on your roots every 3 weeks. To get this effect you need to go for shiny golden blonde combined with pale highlights.

Sun kissed Blonde Hair ColorSun kissed Blonde hair colorAs summer is here sun kissed blonde can look very fashionable on your hair. It’s a perfect shade for brunettes that want to go for blonde. It goes both with light and dark eye colors.

Rose Gold Hair ColorRose Gold hair colorThis shade consisting of honey, apricot and golden hues can beautifully brighten your face. It works with warm skin with pink undertones and light eye color.

Sandy BlondeSandy Blonde hair colorSandy blonde is again perfect for summer months especially combined with beachy waves. It is a light shade of blonde that is matched with bright blonde highlights. Try to do regular touch ups to keep the shiny effect and the freshness of your locks.

Grown-out Blonde Hair ColorGrown-out BlondeIf you have already grown out highlights you can apply this hair color as a natural shade hiding the highlights. Grown-out blonde hair color works with medium to warm skin tones.

Ombre Blonde Hair ColorOmbre Blonde hair colorIf you want to hide demarcation another alternative is ombre blonde. It combines brown with darker shades of gold. Ombre can look nice on long, medium length and lob hairstyles.

Bronde Hair ColorBronde hair color

Bronde hair color Kim KardashianCloser to the most natural blonde hair color is perhaps bronde which is loved by our stylish celebs too. It’s generally a dark blonde hair color with some dark ash shades. Both pale and dark skin tones go with bronde hair color.

Buttery BlondeButtery Blonde hair colorFinally our lovely buttery blonde! This great shade works best with brown and hazel eyes and compliments medium skin tones. If you want to get the perfect effect you should make it as a base hair color.