Kim Kardashian Hair Color Makeover

Before writing this article we have been looking for the most amazing hair color makeover of Kim Kardashian. Though she is one of the celebrities that never fail in the changes of their appearance but they also have smashing makeover examples. So, now let’s see what hair color ideas are used by Kim Kardashian.

Natural Hair Color of Kim KardashianKim Kardashian dark hair colorBeing a natural brunette with dark brown hair color Kim Kardashina has experimented different shades of brown closer to her natural hair color. Of course all the versions look nice on her dark hair and compliment her warm skin complexion.Kim Kardashian natural brunetteDark Blonde and Brown Hair Color of Kim Kardashiankim kardashian dark blonde hair color 2016Kim has experimented with the nicest hues of blonde and this one is dark blonde combined with brown. She has her roots in brown hair color and the layers in dark blonde that goes with her warm complexion and warms up her face even more.

Light Blonde Hair Color with Dark Rootskim kardashian light blonde hair colorHere Kim Kardashian sported the most suitable light blonde hair color for her skin complexion breaking down the lightness with dark roots. It looks stunning and makes her more attractive.

Platinum Blonde and White Hair of Kim Kardashianplatinum blonde and white hair of Kim kardashianAs you see Kim has worn two brave hair colors that interestingly suit her face and skin tone. If we compare we can see that platinum blonde warms up her skin complexion and white blonde makes it cooler focusing on her pretty face features.

Kim Kardashian Light Blonde Hair Colorkim kardashian blonde hairWe have seen some two-tone hair colors of Kim but this one is a subtle monotone light blonde that is matched with her medium length hair and lightens up her face. Her appearance is really gorgeous.

Kim Kardashian Light Brown Hair ColorKim Kardashian Light Brown Hair ColorPerhaps light brown is a nice choice for Kim’s skin tone and looks more natural than blonde shades. It provides more feminine and mysterious appearance due to it’s tender shades.

Jet Black Hair Color of Kim Kardashinjet black hair color of Kim KardashianSince Kim is a natural brunette the darker shades can look more natural on her hair. That;s why jet black nicely goes with her skin tone an dark eyes. It’s a beautiful wild and mild appearance at the same time.

So, these are the main Kim Kardashian hair color makeovers. If you liked one of these hair colors you may get inspired by the styles Kim sported and look so pretty like this famous celebrity.