From Bleached Blonde to Brunette Hair Color

Being a blonde is a blessing, but being a brunette is a mystery. Brown hair also can look as shiny as blonde hair colors, that; why many women try to find the most impressive browns that can suit their skin tone. Women ready for big changes; this hair color transformation is for you. Bleached Blonde to Brunette Hair Color Kim KardashianIf your current hair color is blonde and you want to go for brunette hair color then keep on reading to discover what shades of brunette are the best choices for your hair. Several interesting facts why bleach blondes go for brunette:

Bleaching has destroyed your hair.

You asked for a few highlights but the result is all over blonde hair color.

Touch ups demand much time and money.

You simply want to change your appearance.

If you have one of these reasons right now then you may like the idea of experimenting with one of the marvelous shades of brunette hair color. But think carefully before changing your entire blonde shade into a brunette hue, since it will be a bit difficult to remove brown hair color. But if you are sure you love brunette hair color then perhaps you’ll like the result more than your blonde hair. A perfect trick is the use of demi-permanent hair color which will not damage your hair that much. This hair colors also have the ability to permeate through the cuticle and provide long- lasting result.Bleached Blonde to Brunette Hair ColorNow, we’ll discuss the methods of going from bleached blonde to brunette.

First, you can apply simple yet flashy highlights or lowlights. This can look great on your beautiful braids. It can add some depth to your hair and show off the real shade of your brown.

Second, you can dye your fine locks light brown or a darker blonde shade like dirty blonde or ash blonde. This little change will tone your current hair color.

Third, you may color only the lower back of your head with a brown dye. It can bring more of a brunette effect without coloring your entire head brown.

Finally, dye your hair with a rich chocolate brown hair color. In this case you are supposed to apply your head with demi-permanent hair color placing a bag on your hair. Diffuse your hair or sit under a dryer during this process. It will lock your beautiful hair color making it last longer. From Bleached Blonde to Brunette Hair Color Britney Spears