Best Dirty Blonde/ Light Brown Hair Colors

Dirty blonde or light brown? Which one to choose? Actually these shades are so close to each other that we can say it’s the same hair color. If you want to experiment with one of them perhaps the result will be the same. These hair colors suit every season and go with most complexions. It’s something between blonde and brown that’s why both blondes and brunettes love it. The main shades of this hair color are caramel, chocolate, almond, treacle, and chestnut. If you want to discover these awesome shades, keep on reading and decide which one is suitable for you and your complexion. Here you can see best dirty blonde/light brown hair colors of celebrities that will inspire you.

Jennifer Lopez Light Brown Hair ColorJennifer Lopez Light Brown Hair ColorHere you see stunning Jennifer wearing soft and light caramel brown hair color. It suits her so much that it seems it’s her natural hair color. She always chooses shades that go with her complexion and this one is a great example of it.  It looks fantastic on her long hair and having the ends curled make the hair color shine beautifully.

Angelina Jolie Light Brown Hair ColorAngelina Jolie Light Brown Hair ColorAngelina has sported an incredible hue of shimmery chestnut that with her medium skin tone and pops out her pretty eyes. Dyeing her long layers with dirty hair color she added some brown highlights bringing dimension to her hair.

Amber Heard Light Brown Hair ColorAmber Heard Light Brown Hair Color Golden brown with subtle shades of blonde make the best choice for Amber Heard. We love her tender look with the mild makeup. Her side swept locks bring a rainbow effect due to the darker roots and edges and with lighter layers. It’s perfect for summer months when you need more beachy looks that are easily achieved with simple waves.

Leighton Meester Light Brown Hair ColorLeighton Meester Light Brown Hair ColorLeighton Meester is rocking with warm high- and low-lights. She has her hair ends darker and roots lighter that’s why the balanced look is provided and matched with her nice complexion. It looks light and easy achieved though to get it you need to refer to your hair colorist. These highlights go with both long and medium length hair.

Jennifer Lawrence Dirty Blonde Hair ColorJennifer Lawrence Dirty Blonde Hair ColorIn this image you see Jennifer Lawrence with subtle dirty blonde hair color which is combo of light honey and milk chocolate brown hair colors. Wearing on her bob hairstyle Jennifer has a fantastic girly look. These shades compliment her light sparkling eyes and her medium skin tone. Her look is very fashionable and is often copied by many women.

Kim Kardashian Light Brown Hair ColorKim Kardashian Light Brown Hair ColorBeing a natural brunette Kim always knows which colors to take to highlight her beauty. Milky-latte brown is the shade that has dirty blonde look and suits bot cool and warm complexions. Though it looks a kind of monotone but you can see either brown or blonde shades on her bounchy side parted curly hairstyle.

Rosie Huntington Whiteley Dirty blonde/Ash brown hairRosie Huntington Whiteley Dirty blonde ash brown hair Dark ash brown hair color is an ideal option for Rosie Huntington Whiteley. This hairstyle is very stunning and suits her face features. The chosen hair color brings out her beautiful light eyes and compliments her light bronzed skin tone. She looks gorgeous.