Ariana Grande’s Hair Color Makeover

Ariana Grande is one of those talented young singers that love to experiment with her appearance inspiring many young ladies. Today we’ll represent Ariana Grande’s hair color makeover ad if you have such warm skin tone as Ariana you can wear one of the hair colors she has ever sported. After, perhaps getting tired of red hair colors which have undergone several changes since then Ariana appeared in different hues of brown and blonde as well.

Ariana Grande’s Dark Brown Hair ColorDark Brown Hair Color of Ariana GrandeDark Brown Hair Color Ariana GrandeAriana wore this very hair color just before going for red. Shiny dark brown hair colors suits her so much that it seems as if it’s her natural hair color. It goes with her beautiful brown eyes and compliments her warm complexion. The subtle pink lipstick brings more delicate look providing highlighting her pretty face. To get this stunning effect you just need to dye your hair with monotone dark brown hair color. It’s simple particularly if you have darker hair color.

Ariana Grande’s Vibrant Fiery Red Hair ColorAriana Grande  Vibrant Fiery Red Hair Color Ariana Grande Vibrant Fiery Red Hair Color butgundy

Red hair colors are the favorite hair colors of Ariana. She has sported different shades of red like burgundy and dark reds and fiery red was the color she sported when she was getting her break in Hollywood. This was the color Ariana was known for. It warms up her complexion and makes her appearance more attractive. This look can be called a “lady in fire”. Again we see a monotone effect that is easy to achieve. It glows under the rays of the sun the way as if real fire is worn on her hair.

Ariana Grande’s Light Blonde Hair ColorAriana Grande  Light Blonde Hair Color

DALLAS, TX - DECEMBER 02:  Recording artist Ariana Grande poses backstage at 106.1 KISS FM’s Jingle Ball 2013 American Airlines Center on December 2, 2013 in Dallas, Texas.  (Photo by Gary Miller/Getty Images for Clear Channel)

Ariana Grandes Light Blonde Hair ColorAriana has experimented with several shades of blonde and light blonde is one of those shades. Surprisingly it suits her complexion and the secret is hidden under the hair color combination her hairstylist has chosen. Though she has used light blonde but the roots are in darker shades close to brown hair color. The light blonde is closer to ashy hues that give more volume due to the highlights and lowlights on the layers. It’s a good job especially if you don’t want to go for an entire blonde.

Ariana Grande’s Caramel Brown Hair ColorAriana Grande Caramel Brown Hair Color 2015

Singer Ariana Grande poses for photographers upon arrival at the 2016 MTV European Music Awards in Glasgow, Sunday, Nov. 9, 2016. (Photo by Joel Ryan/Invision/AP)

Ariana Grande  Caramel Brown Hair Color2016Ari sported caramel brown hair color before going for blonde. It has blonde shades on highlights that make the entire look more balanced. Matched with her skin tone and brown eye colors this hair color also looks more than awesome on her hair. It makes her look like more elegant and classy.