The Best Way to Get Right Auburn Hair Color

Many women love auburn hair color but the way to get the right effect is not always that easy. It is a very attractive hair color that captures many of us. Among darer and lighter shades you can take the hue that most suits your complexion, though this is the shade that goes almost with all skin tones. It is a lovely choice for most skin tones and is considered a reddish brown hair color, closer to chestnut but richer on red hue. Generally we associate it with fair skin and light eye color but it also works well with other skin tones and eye colors.auburnChoose the best shade of auburn for your skin tone: bright red color can best work with too light complexion. No matter how much you love the darker shade of auburn it can make your look too pale.  For darker skin tones it is recommended to escape bright red. You’d better take a shade among medium auburn or dark chestnut hues that will perfectly suit you.

auburn hair colorFrom Blonde to Auburn Hair Color: just choosing the right hue of auburn for your blonde hair is not enough. There is a smaller chance that you’ll get an orange shade after a while and you need to dye your hair regularly to avoid issues. And again it is not that easy to back to your blonde that’s why make sure you really want any shade of auburn especially when the choice stands between darker hues.blonde to auburn

From Brunette to Auburn Hair Color: To get a perfect shade of auburn your brunette hair has to pass a long journey. First of all you should bleach your hair to get the right hue. Then it is recommended to visit a salon instead of trying to get the effect yourself.from brunette to auburnScarlett Johansson’s Auburn Hair ColorScarlett Johansson Auburn Hair ColorHere is represented Scarlett Johansson’s Auburn Hair Color that is very beautiful and suits her perfectly. The elegant look of this lovely actress can inspire many of us due to it’s tenderness and soft shade. If you want to get this effect you are supposed to take a warm auburn brunette shade with a warm base tone and mostly dark hues.Scarlett Johansson Auburn Hair Color newDon’t forget to use hair color protective products as soon as you have your hair colored. Auburn hair color demand more care to keep it’s fresh and shiny look.