Best Auburn Hair Colors

Shades like dark brown, bright, rich auburn, light, medium and warm are the fascinating hues of auburn hair color that interested you that much. Which shade what skin tone requests, you’ll find out just here. The pictures will help you to make a complete image of what shade of auburn you need. Auburn is a dark hue of red that is closer to brown hues. In other words people may call it reddish brown. This hair color can be worn by different skin tones from light to medium to dark skin complexions. It also doesn’t put any special limits when it comes to eye colors.Red wine auburn hair color 2016Women who want to sport a brunette hair color combined with reddish hues auburn hair color is the best choice for you. So far we have seen many celebrities that transformed from dark blonde into auburn brown shades. On of the greatest and still recognizable examples is Chelsea Clinton new transformation at Met Gala. She experimented with a soft hue of brown combined with red tones that suited her so much. Now, let’s discuss several subtle hues of auburn hair dye.

Which skin tone goes with auburn hair color? Whether you have medium skin tone, dark or fair skin, you can find the perfect shade for you. If you have olive skin tone and green undertones you can choose any shade from rich dark brown auburn to a lighter hue of red hair color like strawberry blonde. For more auburn brunette you’d better go for darker dyes. Cool complexions will look nice with cooler shades of red on brown hair. And warm skin toned women should similarly pick warmer auburn brown colors. Pale or fair skin toned beauties like Kathleen York look pretty with dark auburn brown hair color. You can combine it with a pink lipstick. Those that have light skin complexion can take any shade of auburn hair color since it’s look perfect just with light complexions.

Dark Rich Auburn Brown Hair Color: this hair color best goes with naturally medium dark brown hair mainly if you have olive skin tone. Rich auburn brown hair color as well as shades of mahogany can bring life to your hair. As dark auburn is quite rich hair color it can be combined with black or very dark hair colors. Another nice look can provide dark auburn brown highlights. But not any highlights can go with this hair color. The best option is mid-length light auburn highlights or just red highlights.dark auburn brown hair colorLight Auburn Brown Hair Color: Light auburn brown hair color has least red shades in it. It is perfect for blondes with light skin complexion. Keep in mind that warm or light shades of auburn are very suitable for peach, yellowish or golden skin undertones.Kate-Mara medium auburn brown hair colorMedium Auburn Brown Hair Color: This is a nice option for medium to dark skin tones. It can also work with pale complexions if chosen the right shade. Generally medium auburn brown hair color can go with any skin tone if you ask for the help of a professional hair colorist. You can just experiment with pretty highlights or lowlights to match with each skin tone.Medium auburn brown hair colorAfter wearing one of these fantastic shades of auburn, don’t forget to use hair color protective products to keep your hair color last longer.