2016 Hair Color Ideas: Strawberry Blonde

As you know the most fashionable hair colors for 2016 are deep chocolate brown and platinum blonde. Well. These are the standard and most used colors but what if we try on something fresh and different? Here we’ll show how beautiful and fascinating you can look with Strawberry Blonde hair color in 2016. This color recently interests many women who want something in between red and blonde. This warm and subtle color will make your look more original.

Strawberry blonde hair 2016

Strawberry blonde is also called light reddish blonde or Venetian blonde. Don’t confuse this with copper hair as strawberry blonde locks are a mixture of wheaty blonde and light red hues that give a soft and fine result. It suits women with fair skin tones and light eye color. But if taken professionally it can also work with other complexions and even dark eyes.

If this color really interested you and you want to try out one of it’s shades keep on reading and finding out the best one for you.

Blake Lively Strawberry Blonde Hair color

Blake Lively: Strawberry Blonde

This is one of the best tones of strawberry blonde. Her stunning look is best-known in Hollywood. Her long layers always look fantastic and match her facial features. Here you see a delicate mixture of copper and blonde which work with her complexion making it warm. It suits her green sparking eyes. As you see this color is one of the best choices for natural blonde hair color. So, women who want to warm up their face and get a fresher look can easily take this color.

Bella Thorne Hair Color Strawberry Blonde

Bella Thorne: Strawberry Blonde

Bella Thorne is another fan of strawberry blonde. It suits her skin tone and though her eyes are darker we can see how finely it matches with them. This is great example of natural red head look. They can add several blonde highlights to create a great strawberry blonde shade. For a more dramatic lightening her hairdresser has used thicker highlights which also make her look natural. To get this subtle look you just need to color your hair with blonde hues and add some closer hues of strawberry blonde.

Amy Adams medium red hair color

Amy Adams: Strawberry Blonde

Amy Adams did one of her best choices. As she is natural blonde this change is quite appropriate for her look. Her warm complexion and blue eyes are well stressed by some red hue of strawberry blonde. This is a great look for natural blondes who want to brighten up their facial features. The soft strawberry color can make their appearance more subtle. It is perfect fantastic especially for autumn months.

Nicole Kidman Strawberry Blonde

Nicole Kidman: Strawberry Blonde

And here we see Nicole Kidman with her gorgeous strawberry shade. She has always looked amazing in any shade and now she just sparkles with her wavy shiny hair. Strawberry blonde is a perfect match for her cool porcelain skin tone and shiny blue eyes. She has tried out a lot of colors but always comes back to this very color. It gives her a fantastic and incredible glow and if you are blonde and have such fair skin as Nicole you can try the strawberry shade.